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Aqualisa Visage Digital Diverter Concealed Shower

Aqualisa Visage Digital Diverter Concealed Shower

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Visage smart showers provide all the advantages of intelligent showering technology packaged within a stylish, contemporary design. This concealed control option is particularly suited for smaller showering enclosures. Smart diverter technology allows you to instantly transfer water between shower heads and bath fillers.
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    • Chrome finish
    • Concealed design
    • Water-saving 
    • Four spray patterns
    • Optional remote control  for convenience
    • Suits all home systems
    • Manufacturers Code: VSD.A2.BV.14

    Our Aqualisa range contains a high quality range of Digital, Mixer and Electric showers

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  • Hints and Tips

    Installing your new shower: top tips

    Do I need a qualified electrician to fit my shower?

    We advise you to get a professional to install your electric shower. Even if you are changing like for like, they'll be able to check any existing wiring to see if it is appropriate for the shower's wattage and ensure everything is safe. Don't take risks with plumbing or electrical installation!

    What will an electrician need to do?

    A shower needs a separate fused electrical supply with an isolating ceiling-mounted switch to turn the electric on and off (these come with neon on/off indicators that you can see at a glance) We recommend you switch the shower off at the switch when not in use.

    What water supply does an electric shower need?

    Your new shower needs to be fed by mains cold water supply with 15mm diameter pipe. It is worth asking a plumber to look at you water system to check that it is compatible with your new shower. If you have a gravity fed water system with the tank in the loft, you might want to think about installing a combination boiler to avoid any future problems with compatibility.

    Any tips about the position of my shower unit?

    Mount it on the tiles, rather than tiling around it, and to the side so that it's not in direct contact spray from the shower when in use.  Just make sure the riser rail will allow the smallest and tallest users to use the handset comfortably.  It shouldn't be installed less than a meter from the shower tray.

    Any tips for using the shower for the first time?

    Always, always test water temperature with a hand first, and train your kids to do the same.  There's often a second or two time delay between water temperature selection and the actual outlet.  Make sure everyone in family, and guests, know how to use the shower controls, and don't leave young children, or anyone not well enough or able to understand its controls unattended.  Oh, and make sure your family uses the soap dish and not the top of the shower unit to store gel or shampoo. You could get liquid running down onto the sealing rubber and it will cause damage over the years.

    Is my shower affected by seasonal change in temperature?

    During winter the mains water supply will be colder than in the summer,so you might have to adjust the position of the temperature control to get the water temperature you desire. Likewise in the heat of summer, you might need to reduce it to get a comfortable, cooler shower.

    Can my shower be adjusted to suit my preferences?

    Thermostatic mixers come with a factory setting. You can ask your installer to re-calibrate to suit your preferences and in response to the water temperature of your supply.

    I am installing a shower in a new build. Are there any regulations I must know about?

    Part G of the Building Regulations requires that the maximum calculated consumption of potable water used per person, per day must not exceed 125 litres.  You might find some showers restrict the flow outlet to a maximum of six or nine litres per minute for this reason.

    Six Top Tips for Shower Care and Maintenance:

    Why checking your water pressure matters

    Water pressure is measured in bars – one bar is the force needed to push water up 10 metres - and pressure can vary from home to home, and at different times of day. It is affected by whether you live uphill or downhill from your water supply. It is definitely worth checking your water supply pressures. Thermostatic shower valves need a fairly balanced supply of hot and cold water. Big differences in pressure can cause temperature issues and may require the installation of a shower pump.

    How to avoid an airlock in your shower’s hot water supply

    Most shower manufacturers will specify that your hot water should not be over 65ºC. Having your hot water set too high, can cause air bubbles in the pipework which will affect the shower flow. Plumbers call this cavitation, by the way.

    How to clear an airlock yourself

    Of course, calling a qualified plumber is a sensible move if your shower stops working effectively. There are, however, some simple things you can do before making that call. If your shower spits or struggles, it’s probably an airlock. They are very common and can develop at any time.

    This simple procedure is worth trying:

    1. Remove the shower head from the hose or arm
    2. Run the shower on its coldest setting
    3. Slowly turn the temperature control towards hot
    4. If shower begins to spit or splutter, stop and wait for the air to escape before continuing again towards the hot
    5. Repeat this process a few times to clear the air entirely

    How to disconnect your shower head for cleaning

    Fixed shower heads have a basic threaded connection, so it’s an easy job to simply unscrew the head from the fixed arm. Most flexible shower heads can also be disconnected this way, but some models have an ‘anti-twist’ connection. This protects the shower hose from becoming kinked during use. Check your product information if this is the case.

    How to clean a showerhead

    Showers are very low maintenance, but if you live in a hard water area, it’s a good idea to descale the shower head every few months to remove scale and calcification. Try a 50/50 mixture of hot water and white vinegar, or if the build up is significant, a specific descaling product. One useful maintenance tip: tilt the shower head at an angle after showering to allow any excess water to drain rather than sit and leave deposits. Generally, all showers can be cleaned with warm soapy water or non-abrasive cleaning products.

    How to service your shower

    All showers should be serviced according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Often this involves removing and cleaning the thermostatic cartridge, replacing its seals and the ceramic disc valve to remove any system debris and scale. This will help the shower to last and function effectively. It’s a technical job that is best left to a qualified plumber or homeowners with technical experience! Manufacturers do offer service options alongside their product guarantees.

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