Electric showers for all homes

Check out our range of carefully selected quality electric showers.  Turnbull have been selling Aqualise, Briston and Triton electric showers to our trade customers and homeowners for years. They're tried and tested, and great value for money.  Electric showers are an energy efficient choice, heating water only on demand, and only as much as you need.  The higher the wattage, the more hot water an electric shower will produce.

Our popular electric showers

Choose from the versatile Aqualise Vitalise Electric is perfect for en suite bathrooms.  Its easy-to-use controls, 4 heat settings and sensible 8.5kw power rating make it a safe, straightfoward and reliable performer.

The Briston Bliss Electric Shower has touch controls and super sleek looks. We like its high gloss finish and digital display.  It's also fitted with a nifty touch control power and flow selector, and has a very useful separate temperature dial.  There are lots of extras for your money: low pressure warning, three spray patterns, and a phased shut down.  Installation is easy too - the Bliss has multiple water and electric inlet points, making it compatible with your previous shower fittings.  Available in three power ratings - 8.5kw, 9.5kw and a powerful 10.5kw option.

Finally, a great budget option is our cheapest electric shower, the Triton T70Z.  This model offers exceptional value and a safe, reliable design for any bathroom.  Its flexible Swivel-Fit™ 180° water inlet makes it a great choice for smaller shower enclosures.  This 7.5kw powered shower still offers 5 spray options and a soap dish.  Customers say it's a good value, practical buy.