Bathroom thermostatic mixer showers

Our selected Aqualisa, Bristan, Inta and Triton mixer showers will deliver hot, powerful, reliable showering experiences for the whole family.  As an online customer, you can now buy the brands and models that have been popular with our trade customers for years.  Strong flow rates make a mixer shower a great choice for many homes. There's no need for an electrical connection and you can choose a thermostatic valve option for that essential safety guarantee.

We have mixers to suit a range of budgets, from basic wall-mounted models with a shower head and riser rail, to premium dual head brands - you get a drencher head to give you a fabulous invigorating full shower experience, and an additional head on a handy hose to enable you to shower without getting your hair wet. Also very useful for rinsing down the shower enclosure walls and door.

Choosing a mixer shower

Mixer showers blend hot and cold water in a mixer valve before feeding it to the shower head.  Most of our mixer showers are thermostatic, which means they have a pre-set thermostat which senses any change in water temperature feed and adjusts the mix of hot and cold water.

Some models have other safety features that will cut the water supply if extreme hot water is sensed, or prevent very hot temperatures being selected by a user. You can opt for a mixer showers which is flush mounted, with pipework hidden behind the wall, but you also can get exposed, or surface mounted showers. We also supply showers for low pressure systems like the Triton AS2000XT Thermostatic Power Shower, which provides a superb flow rate.

Mixer showers work best in water systems where hot and cold are supplied at an equal pressure eg combo boiler and cold mains. A qualified experienced plumber will advise you on the best mixer shower for your home’s water system.

The Aqualisa AQ75 Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower is an affordable, practical thermostatic bar mixer shower. It’s got three spray patterns, a smart chrome finish, precision controls and height adjustable fittings.

The Inta Deluge range are versatile shower products which are suitable for use with unvented supplies, combi boilers, gravity and mains pressure systems. Some great safety features and integrated flow controls make this a great mid-price range option. The Inta Fast Fix features are also a plus, making fitting quick and easy.

One of our premium options, the Aqualisa Midas 220 Column Mixer Shower with Fixed Drencher has family friendly features such as safe touch controls, a temperature override button and a pinch grip slider for easy head height adjustment. It is also a very sleek, contemporary design

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