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XL Joinery - Stylish Doors and Handles

Quality doors for your home

Turnbull is delighted to offer you the exceptional range of internal doors crafted by XL Joinery.

XL Joinery is one of the UK’s premier manufacturers of wooden doors and  shares with Turnbull a commitment to provide superbly designed products, supported by industry expertise and great customer service.
XL Joinery offers a superb range of high-quality internal doors for every interior home style. Doors are available in a wide range of sizes. Pre-finished and ready for quick fitting, they are supplied with hinges and can be matched with a range of stylish handles.

Take a look at XL Joinery's superb doors here!

XL doors offer great value for money

We are confident you are buying great doors and getting real value for your money.  XL internal doors are engineered for strength and durability,  and their precision construction comes with a manufacturer's guarantee of 10 years.  Pre-finished means there is no extra expense or labour involved in staining or varnishing.  Primed white doors require only that final coat of colour.

XL Joinery innovative door design and manufacturing technology

You'll find beautiful traditional door designs in the XL range, but also some unique and very stylish contemporary designs.  A set of XL doors for your entire house will be perfectly colour matched as all door components are veneered from carefully selected timber.

This is a company that is proud of its product design innovation. They produce engineered oak doors that are less susceptible to movement than solid oak doors and which are more resistant to environmental hot/cold fluctuations and winter heating cycles.

XL Joinery commitment to protecting the environment

Oak is a precious natural resource and is used very carefully.  90% of XL Joinery products are FSC or PEFC certified. Its due diligence systems ensure XL Joinery knows where the wood in their products is from. They use this information to minimise any risks of wood being from illegal sources. This means when you purchase XL doors you can rest assured that they have been produced following responsible forestry practices which minimise the impact on the environment.

Turnbull and XL Joinery in partnership to bring you distinctive doors

Turnbull staff are committed to finding you the right XL Joinery products for your home. Call us on 01529 308839 to speak to our team - their expert knowledge will guide you through any queries you might have about choosing and ordering your doors.
And don’t forget, our experienced Turnbull team is on hand to answer questions at any stage of your building or makeover project at the click of a button on our website chat facility.