Beautiful doors for your home

We’ve teamed up with XL Joinery to offer you their stylish range of high-quality crafted external and internal doors made from engineered timber.  XL Joinery doors have a deserved reputation for superb performance and stability.  We just love ‘em - they’ll create immediate character and style for any home, as well as improving its energy use and security.  If you’re as exacting as we are about affordable design, you’ll love them too.  Choose from front doors made from Grade A oak, external hardwood doors and internal doors either ready to install or to varnish.  Or pick from our ready to paint, labour-saving range of white primed doors.  All internal doors can be matched with XL Joinery's range of bespoke handles and door knobs.

Exclusive external doors 

XL Joinery external doors are superbly designed and guaranteed to make a dramatic difference to your property’s kerb appeal. Offered in robust hardwood and quality oak, sourced sustainably, these front doors and external doors come in a range of exclusive designs. We love the look of the Modena - a contemporary seven-panelled oak door with real substance. Or check out the delightful cottage style six-boarded Suffolk for a welcoming traditional look

Internal doors galore!

Our XL Joinery’s Pre-Finished Oak Collection offers ten fabulous designs each designed to suit a range of interiors. For a modern vibe, take a look at the XL Joinery Ravenna - a strong, architectural, contemporary option or the Salerno with its unusual and very beautiful curved lines.  Of course we‘ve a much-loved XL Joinery Shaker option which offers subtle period styling. Alternatively, check out the tongue-and-groove farmhouse look of the XL Joinery Suffolk or the classic four-panel XL Joinery Victorian.

Of course, if you want finish doors with your own stain or varnish we offer Unfinished Doors for just that reason. We have a range of white primed doors in both contemporary and traditional styles. The popular XL Joinery Internal White Primed Shaker 4 Panel Door is a very versatile design, complementing many interiors.

Finally, choose the perfect handle to suit your door. We’ve a choice of 10 designs available in polished chrome, satin chrome or black nickel – all with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty. Plus there’s the choice of a standard handle box or bathroom handle box.


Why buy an XL Joinery door?

Our XL Joinery Internal Doors come with contemporary mouldings, linings and architrave - details that make XL Joinery’s products so attractive. They’re engineered for precision performance and stability and the wood comes from sustainable environmentally responsible FSC sources.

Quality, value and expertise from Turnbull

We pride ourselves in bringing you great products for your home at competitive prices.  Our friendly, experienced team can help sort out your options and order details.  We’re confident that you’ll find the right product for your home on our site, but you can always ask an expert for advice by simply calling 01529 308839 or using our convenient web chat facility.

See our delivery terms for more information.

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Doors for new build and renovation projects: Turnbull's tips

Buying new internal doors is a smart move

If you're in the middle of a house renovation project, you might like to hear why we think buying new doors make sense.




We love the look of our old house and when we started to renovate it, we really wanted to keep all the original doors. They’d been covered up with hardboard and painted. We took them off and contacted a joiner for a quote for the renovation…

We often hear this story from our customers and we sympathise. After all, who wouldn’t want to keep the original doors of a property? They give a place such character. And if you’re lucky enough to be living in a listed building, well, there’s no option. But for many homeowners, we inherit doors that are not fit for purpose.

So, if you’re weighing up renovation versus replacement, let us chip in with some very good reasons why you should consider buying a set of quality engineered wooden doors made by British craftsmen.

  1. Save yourself time
    With 6-9 internal doors in the average home, door renovation is costly and time-consuming, often just when your project is running out of both. It requires skill to bring a warped, split door back to life. You will need to assess whether the locks and hinges are still viable or need replacing. Removing the previous coats of paint needs care too. Any pre-1960s painted surface in your home may have lead; stripping is a hazardous job. Finally, a stripped or dipped door needs to be surveyed for splitting and decay, treated, filled, sanded, and then waxed, varnished or painted.
  2. Health and safety matters
    You should replace any glazing in an internal door below the height of 1500mm with BSI toughened safety glass. Glazed floor to ceiling side panels also need safety glass. Fire doors are needed if your home has three or more storeys, or if you have access to an integral garage. They are also needed if part of your home is used for a business or you rent out rooms to paying guests. Sadly, your period doors won’t meet these standards whereas contemporary doors will.
  3. Energy efficiency
    It’s an essential consideration for all homeowners. Old doors look charming, but they might not do a great job at keeping out draughts and keeping in the heat. And how are they at creating noise barriers? Engineered doors are designed to minimise heat loss and will save you significant amounts in bills in their lifetime.
  4. New doors, period look
    Buying new doors doesn’t mean you sacrifice your home’s period look. Quality engineered doors come in a range of authentic period styles and are very popular. You can choose a classic Victorian panelled door, a simple Shaker, 1930s high panelled - all work extremely well in a period setting.
  5. Doors to fit all doorways
    A range of sizes and trim options means you’ll have no difficulty ordering internal doors to fit your home. So if you do have a quirky doorway that’s wide, narrow, tall or low, you can rest assured you’ll still be able to fit a new door successfully.
  6. The perfect finish
    Modern manufactured doors come in a range of finishes, just as you’d expect. Select a varnish or stain to match your home’s period look, or order an unfinished door to do this yourself - you’ll have most control with this option. White primed doors will allow you to chose paint from a period colour palette.

Turnbull supplies a wide range of beautifully engineered XL Joinery Internal Doors made in the UK by skilled craftsmen. Our friendly, experienced team can help sort out your options and order details. We’re confident that you’ll find the right product for your home on our site, but you can always ask an expert for advice by simply calling 01529 308839 or using our convenient web chat facility.

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