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Beautiful internal doors

Transform your home with internal doors designed to add contemporary style or period detailing.  Our wide range of Internal Doors showcase the natural elegance of A grade oak and can be ordered either Pre-finished and ready to hang, or Unfinished for you to apply your preferred shade of varnish.  Alternatively, our white primed doors are ready for a coat of paint to match your interior colour scheme.  Glazed or panelled, you can order with confidence that you're buying the best from XL Joinery, the UK’s leading manufacturer of doors for homes.

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Internal oak doors ready to install

These beautiful engineered internal oak doors from XL Joinery’s Pre-finished Oak Collection will add instant individual style and luxury to your home.  They’re supplied fully finished – no need for staining or painting, just ready to install with the classy soft shine of real, A-grade oak.  And their precision construction means no warping or moving. If you’re on trend and you’ve already got yourself some handsome oak furniture, then these oak doors will complete your interior design perfectly.

Contemporary internal door designs

For a modern look, check out the XL Joinery Pre-Finished Ravenna - a strong, architectural and contemporary door with vertical and horizontal grain panels.  For real design statements look at the softer lines of XL Joinery Pre-Finished Salerno or  XL Joinery Pre-Finished Verona which all feature a unique and eye-catching combination of oak and curved glass panels.  The XL Joinery Pre-Finished Palermo is a stylish, unusual design incorporating both vertical and horizontal grains, and, of course, we’ve got a much-loved XL Joinery Pre-Finished Shaker style with its recognisable geometric lines.

Timeless and traditional doors

Alternatively, explore the traditional and timeless styles of our period internal doors.  The XL Joinery Pre-Finished Worcester has three strikingly simple vertical panels and the XL Joinery Pre-Finished Suffolk has a farmhouse boarded vibe.  Or go back in time with the two-panelled XL Joinery Pre-Finished Louis or the four-panel XL Joinery Pre-Finished Victorian, both much-loved classics.  Whatever your home’s style, you’ll find a door to transform your personal living space.

We’re confident that you’ll find the perfect doors for your home, but you can always ask an friendly expert for advice. Give our team a call on 01529 308839 or check out our convenient web chat facility.

Great delivery deals on 3 or more doors! See our delivery terms for more information.

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Buying new wooden doors? Read our FAQs

What you need to know about wooden doors

Whether you're buying a new front door or replacing a set of internal doors as part of a home makeover, check out our helpful FAQs.

Does it matter what my new doors are made of?

External and internal doors should be made from quality wood cores to give them weight and strength.  Add on natural wood panels and veneers selected for grain and colour, and you've got a robust, long-lasting door that will perform effectively and look good for years.   Manufacturers of high quality doors  source their timber carefully with longevity and stability in mind.  XL Joinery select Grade A American oak and hardwoods from sustainably managed SE Asia forests for their external doors to ensure exceptional durability.

A design such as the XL Joinery Internal Oak Shaker 4 Panel Door has four panels highlighting the timber's beautiful grain, and making it perfect for staining or varnishing.  It has a classic look that works well with both contemporary and traditional decor.

Is the construction of the door important?

Engineered doors are made from wood, yes, but they're constructed in such a way as to maximise stability from timber selected to emphasise the natural grain.  This engineered production process allows the manufacturer to offer a 10 year guarantee on performance, something a solid wood door just can't deliver.  Solid wood doors are are more susceptible to warping and splitting in the centrally-heated climate of our UK homes.  Engineered doors consist of small sections of glued timber which are jointed or dowelled and then covered with a wood veneer.  All doors are designed to be trimmed for fitting, and so the outside sections, known as lipping, can be sawn without affecting the stability and integrity of the core sections.

Beading or moulding strips are  sometimes added as a design feature.  Flat panels may be carved, grooved or inlaid with other woods or metals, design features which don't affect the door's strength.  For example, XL Joinery Internal Oak Verona Door has a full height grooved detailing which gives it a subtle contemporary style.

What should I be looking for in hinges and handles?

It makes sense to buy hinges and handles designed for the door you are purchasing. They'll be appropriate for both the weight and dimensions of the door.  XL Joinery handle packs have three substantial steel ball bearing hinges and a pair of handles with tubular latches which will do the job hanging these high quality doors.   Select handles and hinges according to your door's purpose  -  fire doors and bathroom doors require different designs.   Satin Chrome is a popular finish but Polished Chrome is widely available too.  Handle design varies from the sleek, organic lines of the  Danube Door Handle  to the more architectural contemporary detailing of the Tiber Door Handle.

£23.95 Each
Price Includes VAT

What sort of finish should I go for?

If you love the natural grain and colour of the wood to feature, doors with a clear varnish are a great choice.  On the other hand,  colour stain or paint will give a new door vibrancy and individuality.

The proposed colour or finish of a new front door in particular can spark an amount of debate in many households.  Specialist woodstains look fantastic and come in the palette of natural timbers like mahogany, teak, pine and walnut.   Sadolin  produce 40 colour tinted woodstains from French Navy to Peacock Copper. Choose to paint your door and you'll be overwhelmed by the choice of shades and hues.  Trend watchers in 2019 can chose Living Coral, a vibrant, effervescent marine orange, recommended by Pantone, who  forecast colour trends across the fashion and design industries. Ultraviolet was 2018's Pantone Colour of the Year.  However, still popular is their 2003 Colour of the Year, Aqua Sky, a soft, romantic turquoise which will look superb in a brick house frontage.

External doors need a suitable high quality finish - and we do advise paying scrupulous attention to the paint or varnish manufacturer's application instructions here to make sure your door lasts a long time.  An engineered door has been designed to have a particular finish - without this, it can't do its job.

£251.95 Each
Price Includes VAT

What is a pre-finished door?

You can buy pre-finished doors that have been painted or varnished by the manufacturer, and are ready to hang with nothing for you to do.  It's worth considering as the quality and consistency of the surface of pre-finished doors is fantastic - and it'll last and last.  XL Joinery supply pre-finished doors in a fresh white , or durable clear stains which enhance the natural look of the timber they use.

Are primed doors a good deal?

Primed doors already have a factory-applied undercoat and ready for a top coat of paint of your choice.  It's a useful option if you haven't decided a colour scheme yet.  And don't forget internal doors also need some kind of finish to protect them against the traffic, spills and thrills of family life.  As ever with DIY, you've got weigh up time, costs, level of skill and your personal preferences.  Some of us hate the faff of painting, others love to get stuck in and do a good job!

A four panel white primed door in a much-loved Shaker design, the XL Joinery Internal White Primed Shaker 4 Panel Door is all ready for a top coat of paint and matched with your own colour scheme.  Looks superb installed in apartments as well as contemporary and period home settings.

Or if you've got more time, you can buy an unfinished door and plan to do the whole job yourself with a XL door Finishing Kit, which includes a Base Coat, Top Coat and End Grain Sealer.

Delivery deals on bulk orders with Turnbull

Check out our full range of XL Joinery external doors, internal doors plus handles online, and call our friendly customer service team at 01529 308839 for your delivery options.

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