Garden Gates and Driveway Gates

Our Grange gates  are the perfect solution for garden and driveway entrances.  Engineered to last, you’ll find a great choice of  sturdy and well-designed options to suit your property and garden - from the charmingly simple Grange Side Entry Arch Gate which will entice garden visitors to robust full-height side entry gates to improve your home’s security.  Create an impressive entrance for your home with handsome double driveway gates in a range of styles, heights and sizes. Grange have been making reliable garden gates for years and our customers love ‘em!

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Wooden Gates for every garden

The Grange Pale Gate is a classic, simple garden gate, providing a stylish welcome as well as security for a front garden or between garden rooms. Ideal for keeping unwanted visitors out of the veg patch or keeping your garden chickens in their area too!

For something a little more decorative, check out the Grange Elite St Meloir Gate. It’s got a domed top edge and its trellis slats make attractive detailing. The St Meloir can be hung from either side and is made with a tough tenon jointed frame.

For a garden gate to provide security and privacy, order the Grange Side Entry Lap Gate. It’s heavy duty, matches our Grange Fence Panels and is substantial enough to make a practical front garden gate too.

Finally we have some super strong and sturdy double driveway gates for you! The Grange Fortress Driveway Gates are very handsome, come in a range of heights and create a secure, stylish entrance for any home.

We’re confident that you’ll find the right product for your project on our site, but you can always ask us for advice or more detail by simply calling 01529 308839 or using our convenient web chat facility.

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Fencing and gates for improved garden security

How to improve your garden security: from robust fence panels to crunchy gravel, the Turnbull team have products to help.

Here are a whole range of products that will make your property a much less attractive option for an opportunist burglar. The good news is property crime is falling. We are currently four times less likely to be victims of burglary than in 1995 and, on average, only 2 out of 100 households experience burglary. However, for peace of mind, here's what we suggest:

Sturdy fencing panels

A sturdy 1.80cm or 6ft fence panel made from vertical wooden slats will do a great job of deterring unwanted visitors. High enough to obscure your garden from opportunistic viewing. Awkward to climb especially if you choose a panel like the Grange Standard Featheredge Panel which has vertical slat construction. This means there are no helpful ledges for hands or feet. We recommend these 1.80cm panels for side and rear fencing. They can be made more daunting and higher by adding a run of low trellis panels on top. Grange Bow Trellis Panel will increase the height of your fence without blocking more light, but it’s likely to break under the weight of a person, making lots of noise!

Get nature on your side

There are plenty of choices when it comes to defensive planting. Planting thorny roses or prickly climbers to train up fence panels and along trellis is a no-brainer if that suits your garden design and you are happy to keep up with the necessary pruning. Holly is a bit of a slow grower, but berberis and hawthorn have pretty unpleasant spines - they’ll put off most thieves! Plant these spiky defenders at the base of fences, around down pipes and under ground floor windows. They are easily trimmed and can be kept neat to avoid any contact with kids and pets, but you wouldn’t want to step into them. The police do not advise installing barbed wire.

Side gates are essential

Block any access to the rear of your property with a solid, tall side gate. Our Grange Arched Featheredge Gate is a robust deterrent to any burglar. It has strong bracing to prevent it being kicked in or split. Fit with heavy duty hinges and a latch with a padlock and use clutch-head screws (one way permanent security screws which can be fitted with an ordinary manual screwdriver) for all fittings. Padbolts (bottom and top) as well as a padlock are best. Hinges with a spring return are also a really good idea, for those busy times when you might just forget to close it behind you.

Front gardens need a different approach

Advice from all crime prevention organisations is to keep your front garden fencing, hedging or walling at a low level, so that any possible intruder can’t hide behind it. That makes sense, even though you might have a very understandable desire to prevent anyone looking in as they pass by! Trim hedging to below a metre. And if you want fencing to establish your property boundaries and deter any casual intruder onto your garden,  then check out the Grange Elite Palisades Panel or Elite Profiled Picket Fence which have matching garden gates and create a delightful front garden boundary of no higher than a metre.

Gravel is a great surface for garden security

£132.97 Per Bulk Bag
£7.00 Per m2

Gravel, as we all know, is crunchy and noisy - it’s impossible to walk on in silence. It doesn’t have to be a an eyesore. Our Long Rake Spar partners source a whole range of colours and textures to suit your garden and property style. They source from all kinds of locations - from UK slate mines to beaches and quarries worldwide, often using waste from the mining and stone industries. Chippings come in 10mm and larger sizes. We particularly like Long Rake Spar 20mm Moonstone Decorative Gravel - a very attractive flint mix of creams, greys and golds. Use on paths and under ground floor windows as appropriate. Garden gravel also makes a great mulch and weed suppressant. It creates a strong contemporary look, adding texture and tone to your garden design. For further ideas and information, why not check out our guide to using gravel?

Garden sheds are targets

A thief will know you’ve got a range of useful garden tools and equipment stored in your shed, so it’ll always be a target if you are unlucky enough be burgled. Obviously padlocks are an essential step. If you are about to buy or replace a garden shed, it’s worthwhile checking out the design features that will make it less vulnerable to a break in. Forest Garden sheds have windows with extra strong polycarbonate glazing and are fitted with security screws. Doors come with hidden hinges, providing extra security for your possessions. Forest Garden also supply a windowless design range, which will give real peace of mind to anyone concerned about break-ins.

There’s help out there!

However, property crime prevention is still a serious issue for our local police forces and they do offer very sensible advice on how to deter would-be thieves in both the day and night.  Turnbull would like to give a shout out for the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. Visit their website to be put in touch with like-minded neighbours concerned about property security - or even think about starting a new Neighbourhood watch Scheme yourself!