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Boilers, radiators and heating essentials

From versatile condensing combi boilers, popular options like the Ideal Exclusive Combi Boiler, single and double radiators to wireless thermostats for efficient heating control, we have a range of heating essentials for your home.  Get energy-saving underfloor heating systems plus a whole raft of heating system accessories to order online: hoses, conduit, valves, connectors all with local delivery to speed up installation time.

Quality heating systems for the home

Order a combi boiler for compact, kitchen cupboard fit and versatile boiler bundles for easy installation. The Glow Worm Easicom 2 Combi Boiler is a high-performing, high efficiency boiler suitable for busy families. It comes in 24 or 28 kw models.

Getting the best control system for your home’s heating is important, so  we have basic thermostats, programmable thermostats and sensors for efficient zoning and timing. The clever multifunctional JG Speedfit Network Programmable Room Thermostat will calculate the optimum time to start heating your home with maximum efficiency.

Choose the right radiator for your room.  Single and double radiators come in different designs: Type 11s for hallways, corridors and small rooms, Type 21 slim double convector radiator for smaller rooms and the true double Type 22 for lots of surface area and heat exchange.  Take a look at the Kartell K-RAD Kompact Double Radiator Type 22 -  a stylish white enamel radiator engineered for longevity.

Choose one of our JG Speedfit Underfloor Heating Packs - they come in 20 m2 or 30 m2 sizes, with intelligent responsive monitoring to ensure even heat distribution in your home.  Reduce your bills and link to a renewable energy source to heat your home with optimum efficiency.

Also see our wide range of high quality heating accessories: cylinders, valves, connectors, conduit, hoses, pumps - everything you'll need for efficient, quality installation to order online today.