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Five Special Garden Walling Designs

Gardens, like gardeners, are all different and come with their own unique quirks. Whether your garden is an ordered space for family and friends to enjoy themselves or a place where nature reigns supreme, a garden wall will create a special aspect in your garden design.

Garden walling as a feature can inject magic and class into your garden.  But choosing a garden wall is no easy task, with many factors and different designs to consider. Here are five of our favourite garden walling designs to give you a helping hand.

1. The Classical Appeal: Croft Stone Garden Walling

£400.24 Per Pack
£148.24 Per m2
Price Includes VAT

Croft Stone Garden Walling will always be a top choice for gardeners due to its stunning, earthy look and easy-to-build appeal. The texture, colour, and simple brick layout of the wall makes it a perfect choice for gardeners who like to avoid over-modernising their garden but need a strong and sturdy wall to keep it in shape. Coming in the colours Buff and Weathered, you have two very different options available so that you can choose one that really goes with your garden’s personality!

2. The Modernist Touch: Avant Garde Natural Stone Garden Walling

At the other end of the spectrum, there is Avant-Garde Natural Stone Walling, with a sawn smooth finish and straight copings. While the nonchalant natural gardener in you might plump for the Croft Stone garden walling, the artistic designer in you might prefer the Avant-Garde Natural Stone Walling.

This garden wall complements any other artistic features you may have in your garden. This wall suits a neat and organised garden. While its elegance is appealing, it is a subtle design that allows the focus be drawn towards other features your garden. Vibrant flowers and structures will stand out against this avant-garde backdrop.

3. A Blend of Old and New: Fairstone Pitch Faced Garden Walling

Regular Price: £677.29

Sale Price £625.27 Per Pack

£125.05 Per m2
Price Includes VAT

Somewhere between the natural appeal of Croft Stone Walling and the smooth, contemporary look of the Avant-Garde Stone Walling comes Fairstone Pitch Faced Garden Walling.

The ethically-sourced stone used for this garden wall comes from Kota in India and looks fantastic in any type of garden. The beautifully natural stone texture provides a rustic feel to any property but also gives it a premium look.

In either an Autumn Bronze or Silver Birch colour, Fairstone Pitch Faced Garden Walling looks stunning alongside vibrant plant life. It also looks great when combined with Marshall’s garden paving, such as Indian Sandstone. A particularly nice touch is a combination with circular Indian Sandstone, as seen above. Not only does this sort of design look great, but it can also have an extremely positive impact on the value of your home!

4. The Efficient, Elegant Choice: Heritage Riven Coping Stones

From £427.99 Per Pack
Price Includes VAT

For practicality and a neat, contemporary look, it doesn’t get much better than the Heritage Riven Coping Stones. Available in a range of different colours (Yorkstone, Old Yorkstone, Calder Brown and Weathered Yorkstone) these coping stones protect a variety of wall types from the rain.

5. Get back to good old traditional Brick Garden Walling

Marshalls Old Mill Brick Garden Walling deserves a special mention.  Bricks are extremely versatile and their texture and colour provides a lovely warm background setting for all kinds of planting schemes.  These bricks have a great vintage finish and are manufactured to commericial standards. 

Rio Palisade Garden Walling comes in a variety of lengths and colours (Sand, Storm and Shell) to ensure you find the right design for your garden.

Is your garden lacking the structure and beauty of garden walling? Whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary look in sandstone, granite or brick, Turnbull’s has something for you! Check out our garden walling options now and we’ll help you decide on the best option for you.