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6 Steps to Make your Garden a Show-Stopper

When summer is on its way, thoughts turn to revamping the garden. We dream of barbeques, parties and warm days spent lounging on the lawn.  So, whether it’s adding some colour in the form of perennial plants, or updating your garden paving, there are plenty of things to do to turn your garden into a show-stopper. Follow Turnbull’s infographic guide and get your outdoor space ready for summer!

6 Easy Steps to Turn your Garden into a Show-Stopper




































































Plants and flowers are number one on many people’s gardening priority list, but they can be difficult to maintain. A garden that’s packed with exotic, hard-to-handle plant life can soon become an unruly mess. It’s great to be ambitious in the garden, but biting off more than you can chew can leave your garden paving becoming overrun with weeds and foliage. For a tidy solution, adorn your sandstone block paving area with planters, filled with hardy species of perennial flowers. These will give your garden a vivid summer experience, while not requiring too much work from your family’s elected gardener!

And for those who want to attract all sorts of wildlife to their garden, consider installing some garden walling. This might not be the obvious choice for a habitat, but insects, spiders and lizards can all benefit from the humble garden wall. Lining your block paving with a low wall can create structure as well as a valuable living space for important critters. Solitary bees depend on finding nooks and crannies to hibernate in, so you can do them a favour by installing a ready-made habitat.

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