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5 Amazing Marshalls Paving Slabs

Yes! Selling Marshalls paving slabs for 25 years!

We have now been working with Marshalls for over 25 years, selling their entire range, and so we thought it only right that we share some of our extensive knowledge with you and fill you in on some of the amazing Marshalls paving slabs out there.

Paving your outdoor space is becoming increasingly popular and not without good reason. Hard landscaping can have a hugely positive impact on your home. Not only do paving or blocks give your garden or driveway a more organised and clean look, but they also add quality, character and value.

We sure you'll want to know just what's available and which paving will suit you and your project. So here's our run down on some of the most popular Marshalls garden paving you can get your hands on...

Marshalls Paving Slab #1 Indian Sandstone

£262.58 Per Pack
£41.48 Per m2
Price Includes VAT

Indian sandstone paving will always be a frontrunner here at Turnbull and we’re sure our friends at Marshalls will agree that it’s one of the most beautiful options on the market.

It comes all the way from India, which already makes it an interesting and exclusive paving option, right? But it isn’t properly appreciated until you see it in action. When paved, this natural stone offers a beautifully unique texture and variation of colour.

Marshalls Indian sandstone slabs are harder and less porous than most, meaning that the surface won't discolour with algae. This high quality sandstone requires little year-round maintenance. It is available in three different colour blends so a patio design can contain a beautiful contrast in shades.

Indian sandstone paving is also available in circle kits to allow you to create beautiful shapes and patterns for your garden, as seen above. Why not also consider the Indian Sandstone for your driveway, with 50mm setts also being available, to help add unique charm and character?

Marshalls Paving #2 Granite Setts

£582.00 Per Pack
£76.08 Per m2
Price Includes VAT

Granite setts are another incredible paving option for driveways and paths and we here at Turnbull take great pleasure seeing them added to any home. They are handpicked for colour consistency and inject a priceless feel of both luxury and charm.

Granite setts add an element of rugged nature to your driveway with each stone cut with a textured surface, and when laid provide a cobblestone effect. They create a classic, traditional paving surface that will last forever.

With granite setts, you’re guaranteed to give your home's entrance real character. They'll complement existing features and contrast effectively with your garden's green foliage. 

Marshalls Paving Slab #3 Fairstone Slate Casarta

Traditional natural slate is a first choice for many of us, and that's certainly true of Turnbull customers. Marshalls Slate Casarta icomes in a larger than usual 800x800mm.  It's a handsome alternative to British slate. Its dark, rich Silver and Black colour options looks superb in any garden setting.

Marshalls Paving Slab #4 Limestone Aluri Paving

From £357.36 Per Pack
From £31.76 Per m2
Price Includes VAT

Use this beautiful natural limestone slab and you'll transform your garden! Marshalls Limestone Aluri Garden Paving is a classic and subtle natural stone paving option.  Each stone has its own unique veining and comes in two colours, Rustic Ochre or Charcoal. It's a sophisticated and yet tough, high quality and ethically sourced limestone paving. You can buy it in range of sizes and a project pack to maximise creative laying choices.

Marshalls Paving Slab #5 Heritage Garden Paving

Concrete paving slabs offer a great cost-effective solution to a garden patio project on a low budget. Heritage is well worth a good look. Its slabs are cast from original Yorkstone moulds and its colour variations replicate the flame-mettled finish of natural York stones. Being a Marshallls paving slab, it has guaranteed technical consistency and strength.

Interested in new paving for your garden or driveway? Turnbulls stocks Marshalls paving, high-quality Indian sandstone paving, and many more. Order now and get FREE delivery across mainland UK when you buy four packs or more!