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Upgrade your garden and increase your home's value

An outdoor living space is a top priority for renovators and home buyers.

Gardens can have a dramatic impact on the value of your home and that’s why sellers are investing in new garden paving, installing or upgrading existing patios as well as thinking about the kerb appeal of their front garden .

Houses for sale with appealing outdoor space go at premium prices.  A well-designed patio or an inviting garden path to a carefully placed arbour are not just bonuses for you; they will impress potential buyers.

Here's how to upgrade your garden, increase the value of your home and secure a sale!

Use garden walling to create order out of chaos 

A neglected garden is uninviting. It’s a telltale sign that a lot of work is needed and is bound to be less attractive to potential buyers.  A well-laid out, neat and organised garden, on the other hand, could just be the killer feature that clinches the deal!

You can make sure your garden is presentable and organised by investing in garden walling. Use low, easy-to-install garden walls to divide areas.  Create individual garden 'rooms' and show that your outdoor space is both accessible, easily-maintained and attractive to a new family. 

£400.24 Per Pack
£148.24 Per m2
Price Includes VAT

Garden walling comes in all different shapes, sizes and designs, so there will always be something to suit your budget.  Natural stone garden walling weathers beautifully with age, and will ultimately boost the value of your home.  You can buy stone wall veneers to attach to existing block walls, covering an ugly finish with something stylish and long-lasting.  Concrete walling products like Marshalls Croft Stone Garden Walling are super-easy to install - anyone could create a difference in a weekend with this no-mortar walling stone.  You can build a wall up to 600mm high without any technical skills or specialist equipment!

Add a patio

£214.96 Per Pack
From £33.96 Per m2
Price Includes VAT

A nice spot in a space that captures the sun is always going to excite potential buyers, especially if it is improved by quality paving and a tasteful set of garden furniture.  There is a wide range of garden paving options to choose from depending on your tastes.  There's no doubt that  installing new garden paving slabs will sell a garden to your viewers. It's a job they don't have to consider. It's a space they can imagine themselves enjoying!

The Stonemarket Marketstone Radius Paving Circle, as seen below, is a natural stone circle kit, and makes a wonderful addition to any garden.  This soft sandstone paving blends in nicely with surrounding planting, but provides a durable and attractive surface for your outdoor dining.

Extra parking helps sell any house

£613.39 Per Pack
£63.90 Per m2
Price Includes VAT

Want a little extra parking for visitors?  If you live somewhere where parking is at a premium, extending a block paving driveway over your front lawn could have a significant impact on both the desirability and value of your home.  It is no coincidence that British homeowners are choosing to pave over front lawns in greater numbers than in the past.

If that's a planning issue for you, you might to consider one of the less obtrusive options on the market.  Marshalls Grassguard Permeable Paving creates a natural and sustainable driveway and you keep the visual impact of a green lawn. it's a win-win for increasing the appeal of your home.

Illuminate your garden

People often drive past homes at all times of the day to see the house they’re interested in, and they'll book viewings after work when the light is fading.  So, are both the access routes to your front and back garden well lit?  Make sure that potential buyers can actually see all the hard work you’ve put into making your garden beautiful!

Good outdoor lighting will also allow you to get more out of your garden at all times of the day. There is a great range of fantastic, innovative outdoor lighting to choose from. Illuminating your garden makes it a great place to entertain, as well as making your whole home more inviting and spacious.

Is it time to improve your garden? Browse our range of fantastic garden features, as well as a large range of garden walling and Marshalls paving slabs. We can help you decide on the best option for you and your home!