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Cheapest patio slabs for a contemporary garden look

A quick look at our contemporary garden paving ranges

If you want a contemporary look to your garden, the Turnbull team can recommend some affordable patio slab options.  We chat to our savvy customers when we are processing orders and deliveries.  They tell us about their projects, and the slabs we feature below have all been used very successfully to achieve a contemporary garden look.

Cheapest contemporary garden paving

From £421.49 Per Pack
From £32.42 Per m2
Price Includes VAT

A real bargain patio slab to consider is Marshalls Textured Utility Paving Slabs - don’t be put off by the name!  Marshalls make everything from the most basic slabs to the most luxurious stone paving, and everything conforms to their rigorous manufacturing standards.  It’s a lightly shot-blasted textured slab - for a contemporary look, we recommend you choose the lighter, creamy Natural colour option.  It only comes in one size but by using a strong, geometric stack bond laying pattern and simple edging stone like Marshalls Hewnstone Natural Stone Effect Edgings, you’ll get an absolute bargain, stylish, on trend patio.

Bargain natural stone paving for a modern design

From £412.80 Per Pack
From £40.63 Per m2
Price Includes VAT

You can can get some very economical natural stone paving - both Stonemarket and Marshalls offer entry-level stone slabs that compete in price with their quality concrete slab options.  If you want a strong, dramatic colour and rich limestone finish, look at Stonemarket Trustone Torvale Garden Paving. This cheaper natural limestone garden paving comes in a classic, arresting dark grey.  They create a superb setting for contemporary steel and wire garden furniture sets, gun metal gazebos and arches.

There are other real Limestone paving options for under £40 a metre.  Hand finished flags in four sizes are available in the Stonemarket Dorian Natural Limestone paving range.  Choose the larger 855x570 flag size and create cool, calm contemporary landscaping which gives a sense of wide, uncluttered space.

Bring light and colour to you garden design with these patio slabs

From £481.13 Per Pack
From £44.54 Per m2
Price Includes VAT

Get the Mediterranean terrazzo look for your patio or sun terrace with Marshalls Perfecta Smooth Garden Paving.  Perfecta is a polished composite stone slab - you can see the marble, granite and natural stone in its surface. It’s designed to complement contemporary planting schemes and garden designs, but the practical team at Marshalls have still given it enough texture to provide slip-resistance for home and family use. It’s affordable and stylish, and worth a look!

Looking for soft, subtle colours to harmonise with a neutral interior colour palette? Marshalls Organa Textured Garden Paving comes in Cotton, Hessian and Linen.  The large slab sizes - we like the 600x600mm option - means you can cover a patio area simply and unfussily. I t makes very robust, cost-effective landscaping for a contemporary outdoor space.

From £380.26 Per Pack
From £46.94 Per m2
Price Includes VAT

Stonemarket Excelsior Garden Paving is a real beauty which you get at a touch over £40 per metre. It’s an elegant, polished slab with the desirable smooth finish for a truly contemporary look.  This is a new product from Stonemarket, and like Perfecta, embeds the flecks and colours of real stone in its surface. Dalmation, Barley or Ash are calm, subtle colours which open out any garden space with reflected light and natural harmony.

Quarrying, stone cutting and slab manufacturing technology means we can all now buy large smooth paving slabs to create the clean, cool landscaping which complements our contemporary home design. It doesn't have to cost the earth.

For more inspiration, take a look at our extensive range of natural stone and concrete garden paving.  For a quote and expert advice, or just some reassurance about the suitability of your chosen slab for a project, get in touch with our team on 01529 308839 or via our handy chatline. We're here to help!