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Don't miss these driveway block paving designs!

Find your perfect driveway surface

Our block paving comes in a full range of options for all budgets. Here's our quick and helpful guide to some great products, laying patterns and some tips on driveway paving installation.

Budget driveway options

Standard block paving is entry level driveway paving - choose from the lower end of the Marshalls or Stonemarket price ranges and you’ll have an economic, practical, robust driveway surface that has excellent technical consistency. Even at this low cost end of the range, expect a good choice of colours.

£204.04 Per Pack
£20.90 Per m2
Price Includes VAT

Marshalls Standard Concrete Block Paving comes in six colour ways. You can create visual impact with contrasting complimentary colours; we like the warmth of Bracken, bordered with a stronger Charcoal block.

Stonemarket Pavedrive Driveway Paviors are another great buy. These blocks come in seven colours and two thicknesses.

You’re less likely to get different block sizes in standard but there are still some very attractive laying options. Herringbone is a traditional and very stylish pattern for the single block driveway design.

Go up very slightly in price and you’ll get more block size options, and a chance to create a bespoke design. Mix up your block sizes and you’ll get what’s called a random course. It’s a more informal look that suits a large surface area.

Marshalls offers up to ten different laying patterns for its affordable Drivesett Savanna Block Paving. It’s a popular smooth and hard-wearing block, 50mm thick and available in three colours.

UK’s most popular block paving

From £378.26 Per Pack
From £38.88 Per m2
Price Includes VAT

We must give a shout out for Marshalls Drivesett Tegula Original Block Paving. Every block has been tumbled to give it a softer, weathered profile. There are five colours and four sizes which gives you a huge choice of laying patterns.

Tegula also comes in a permeable option, if you want to avoid planning permission, and as a driveway circle. They’re popular with installers and landscapers as they finish beautifully, leaving customers and homeowners delighted with the immediate aged look. The most recent addition to the Tegula colour range, Hazelnut, is a real winner - warm, welcoming and versatile.

Linear driveway blocks

An easy way to create a strong and contemporary look to your driveway design is to use linear block paving. Linear blocks are rectangular, usually 480 x130mm,  but longer than your regular standard block which usually comes in around 200x100mm. The effect is contemporary and stylish. Linear blocks are available in concrete as well as natural stone, so again you can find something to suit your budget. Use the long visual lines they create to draw the eye towards your house entrance, or away from other landscape features. They also make superb pathway paving.

At the luxury end, you can get some beautiful linear sandstone blocks in this stone's characteristic colours. Stonemarket Stonespar Natural Stone Driveway Setts are sleek, cutting edge, designer sandstone blocks for a really distinctive and exceptional finish.

Driveline Metro comes in four colours which can be mixed to create a stylish eye-catching surface. These concrete linear blocks are robust, versatile and will give you a finish that's just that little bit different from everyone else on the street!

Driveway Cobbles

Regular Price: £417.94

Sale Price £416.51 Per Pack

£76.28 Per m2
Price Includes VAT

If you've got a period property, or you're just a romantic when it comes to your landscaping choices, you'll love the cobble look. This can be achieved by using granite setts, which create a classic, and immensely tough, driveway surface. Great for steep sloping drives where grip is an issue for traffic in winter conditions.

There are a couple of clever manufactured options from Marshalls. Marshalls Drivesys Original Cobble and Drivesys Flamed Stone both create a timeless cobble effect but are designed to be installed more quickly than a traditional cobble driveway surface. One of these labour-saving, cost-effective solutions might be just what you're looking for!

Practical tips for block paving installation

A new driveway is a significant cost. Time and time again we have seen that careful installation and good materials are key to ensure your driveway lasts a lifetime.

  • Create a safe, level earth surface (called the subgrade)
  • Lay down a geotextile layer to stop the sub-base and earth merging, and losing stability
  • Spread a suitable sub-base on top of this layer
  • The sub-base has to be made compacted stone aggregate to create a load-bearing layer for your driveway. Preparing the subgrade, and sub-base installation often adds up to 80% of your driveway costs.
  • Choose the highest quality block paving you can afford. The price of block paving accounts for only about 20% of the overall cost of a new driveway, so choosing the best possible product will not increase your overall costs significantly.

Useful driveway jargon

Subgrade: soil base for driveway

Geotextile: a fabric layer to give ground stabilisation and prevent sinking or rutting caused by settlement

Sub-base: usually 150mm compacted stone aggregate

MOT Type 1: suitable stone aggregate for sub-base

Mortar/sand screed: thinner layer of sand etc on which to set driveway blocks

Jointing material: usually sand to prevent blocks rubbing together

Edge restraint or kerbing: specially designed edging blocks are set in concrete to create a robust frame for the whole driveway

Helpful and handy driveway installation guides

Download these to ensure your driveway installation goes like a dream:

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