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Why driveway paving is your best home improvement

Invest in driveway paving to add value to your home

Want to make sure your property keeps good value in your local housing market?  Look after your front garden and driveway - and hope your neighbours do the same!  AXA confirmed that a well-kept garden adds about £2K to the value of a home.  Kerb appeal plays an important part in the housing market. So you won't be surprised to know that the business brains at The Economist Intelligence Unit says investing in front garden landscaping is good sense for everyone.  House prices stay buoyant, businesses are keen to relocate to these areas, and shopping activity is up in these areas.

Quality block paving makes a difference

High quality block paving far outperforms the cheaper products whose colours fade over time.  Create a new driveway surface with well-designed block paving with tumbled, soft natural colours, and you'll enjoy its visual and practical benefits for years.  Choose a design to match your property, select from a range of colours, sizes and finishes, finish with contrasting edging stones and possibly a central circle feature  and you've got a property with a real wow factor.  Marshalls and Stonemarket block paving has market-leading consistency of finish and robust base designs to ease installation.  It's designed to be quick to lay.  Use a trained registered Marshalls installer for your driveway block paving project, and you'll have an amazing 20 year guarantee on materials.

If you are new to the Marshalls range, start by looking at their best-selling Drivesett concrete driveway block paving range.  Marshalls Drivesett Argent and Marshalls Drivesett Tegula Original have an extremely appealing tumbled stone look finish, and they come in four soft colours from Pennant Grey to Hazelnut. The five different block sizes, including the extra large jumper block at 320 x 240mm, means a layout design can avoid the uniform look of cheap block paving.   There's a Marshalls Drivesett Tegula Block Paving Circle to match, too. This is available as an easy to lay project pack.

In the long term, we know that homeowners who choose to use quality materials, reliable suppliers and installers will add value to their homes and gardens.   For patios, we recommend installing quality paving like Marshalls Indian Sandstone Paving, which exceeds  British standards for natural stone paving, is frost-resistant and non-porous. It'll last and keep looking good for years - or until you sell.

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Permeable block paving helps the environment

Homeowners can contribute to their own local neighbourhood flood strategy by installing permeable paving. The effect of run off water from heavy, seasonal rainfall can be eased by permeable blocks which allow water to drain back into the ground. So if you have a large expanse of hard landscaping to install, this is an option which offers you and your community real benefits.

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How much to pay for a driveway or garden landscaping?

You'll spend approximately 20% of your budget on your choice of block paving or patio paving. The other 80% of any landscaping project, of course, is labour.  And although lots of us are prepared to DIY, some groundworks and installation do need specialists and specialist equipment. Our advice is buy the best materials your budget will allow - it's clear that landscape projects completed with quality materials that are easy to install and have robust technical design will be an asset to the value of your family home.

More outdoors benefits

The benefits of investing in quality garden landscaping are not just financial.  Stepping outside to a garden space designed for our particular lifestyles has a hugely positive impact on our health and wellbeing. Think of them as ‘green therapy’. Obesity, dementia and mental health issues affect many families - a well-designed, maintained garden is a big asset in protecting everyone's wellbeing.