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Garden Planters & Wooden Gazebos for Garden Makeovers

Easy garden makeovers

Garden makeovers take a bit of a commitment and cost. Not everybody has a huge space to work with, especially with more and more people living with limited space. But regardless of the size of your garden, you can tweak it to get it just the way that suits you. The smallest garden has more potential than you realise so why not have a go at making it your own little bit of heaven?

Here are five easy-to-install features to consider using in your garden makeover:

Garden Beds and Natural Stepping Stones

£621.00 Per Pack
Price Includes VAT
Install natural stepping stones through the middle of your garden for a unique charm, as well as to improve efficiency when moving through your garden. There are a wide range of beautiful stepping stones out there at competitive prices. Timberstone Log garden stepping stones are a beautiful, natural stepping stone option that give your garden a natural but luxurious charm.

Garden Planters: A Rustic Beauty

£80.50 Each
Price Includes VAT

Perhaps you don’t have enough room to landscape your garden and work with a large amount of garden beds. In that case, garden planters are a godsend, especially if your garden already has a patio, or another installation taking up room. Garden planters look great on patios, wooden surfaces, concrete surfaces — you name it. They bring a wonderful, rustic look to the garden and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. You can paint and decorate them as you wish so that they fit in with the style of your house.

A Sleeper Raised Bed kit from Forest Garden or a pair of Square Windsor garden planters are guaranteed to add character and class to your garden. Garden planters are a particularly popular use of urban farming, so wherever you live, you have no excuse!

Greenhouses: For Particular Care and Easy Gardening

Whether you have a big garden with plenty of greenery or a small garden with limited plant life, a greenhouse will always be a brilliant option worth considering. It is calming and meditational to take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and care for the plant life in a greenhouse.

£190.56 Each
Price Includes VAT

Place a greenhouse relatively near the back door so you can pop out and check up on the things you are growing whenever you find the time. You can grow all sorts of vegetables here that could also save you time and money, not to mention you’ll be eating healthier. Tomatoes, peppers, spinach, French beans, aubergines and cucumbers are just a few things that are easy to care for and flourish in a back garden greenhouse.

If you don't want a big greenhouse dominating your garden, you can always go for a mini-greenhouse that doesn’t take up too much room, but looks equally charming in your garden.

Garden Arches: For That Fairytale Look

£112.01 Each
Price Includes VAT

One of our favourite garden features is the garden arch. These separate a garden if you want to distinguish a relaxing area from a purely gardening area, but they also add a beautiful, fairytale effect. They are smooth, sturdy and easy to install. For a particularly beautiful garden arch, you can cover it in a number of fast-growing vines to give your arch a truly elegant look. The Honeysuckle garden arch is one of our favourites.

Gazebo or Pergola Kit

Now, if you’re a serious garden enthusiast, you’ll want a comfortable place to relax in the garden. While a hammock or blanket do the job, a wooden gazebo, arbour or pergola are the ultimate garden feature options.

Granted, you need a certain amount of space to work with, but you may be surprised to know that they can actually fit into most gardens. Placed in the corner, a wooden gazebo gives your garden a wonderful new dimension. It is a place to sit and chat, play games, eat lunch, read, and simply relax in your own space. Place your wooden gazebo or other gorgeous structure in a spot that the sun shines on, so you can lay back and relax in the summer.

Decorate it with pillows, paint it, or just find a way of adding your own touch of style. However it looks, your pergola, arbour or wooden gazebo will be a stunning addition to your garden and your entire home, even adding value to your property.  

Wooden Gazebo

Planning a garden makeover? Head over to Turnbull and have a look at all of the garden features we have to offer. We have everything from garden planters, stepping stones and greenhouses to gazebos, pergolas and arbours. Order now and get FREE delivery on all Forest garden products, across mainland UK!