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FAQ: do I need to seal patio slabs?

Do I need sealant for my garden patio slabs or driveway?

The Turnbull team answer this important FAQ

You’ll see some patio paving or driveway blocks on sale that recommend you purchase litres of specialist paving sealant.  A 5 litre can will set you back £20-30 and will cover only 10m2.   These specialist sealants can only be applied 3 months after installation and only when your surface is bone dry and there is no chance of rain.  It’s an additional and unnecessary cost.  Sealants do come into their own in commercial, high traffic locations like garage forecourts, airports and town centres but most experienced installers will not think its necessary for low traffic domestic areas.  If you are thinking of a project which will have heavy traffic overrun, why not check out a commercial product designed for exactly that?

No need to seal patio slabs and blocks

Marshalls and Stonemarket do not recommend coatings and sealants for their slabs and blocks. Knowing this will save you time and money!  As well as the logistical difficulty of applying a sealant to a large surface which is clean, dry and free from dust, sealants may affect the appearance and colour of the paving.  If you are going to go ahead, they would advise you test a small area first.  They also warn that sealants can wear unevenly, leaving you with a patchy finish.

High quality sandstone doesn’t need sealing

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Quality Indian sandstone does not need sealing, so you won't need to seal even our cheapest entry-level Marshalls Indian Sandstone PavingMarshalls and Stonemarket sandstone is sourced from Rajasthan in central India.  These quarries produce dense, tough stone that’s been under pressure for millions of years.  This sandstone has lower water absorption characteristics and high flexural strength than many softer, more porous and cheaper sandstones.  It exceeds the British Stone standard, BS EN 1341 and is CE marked.

Sealing paving slabs for a sheen finish

Of course, you can use sealants to give your paving a low sheen or high gloss finish - it’s called “wet-look”.  Some of us like the stronger colour and impact this creates. If you do apply wet-look sealant, you need to make sure the paving is absolutely clean. Once the sealant has been applied, the dirt will be sealed in forever. Personally we think  a natural slate paving like Marshalls Fairstone Slate Casarta Garden Paving looks best in its original state.  Slabs are hand-selected from Brazilian quarries, and their colour and texture reflect the varied UK light and weather conditions beautifully.

How to keep your paving looking good

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It’s quite simple – regular cleaning with a stiff brush and warm, soapy water will keep your slabs looking good.  You might be best avoiding lighter colour options and stones if this is a job you don’t have time to do very often, as light colours will show up tyre marks and oil spots.  Many patio cleaners and brick acids are acid-based and are too harsh for many paving products, including sandstone.  A great option for anyone wanting a really tough slab that keeps its looks superbly should check out Marshalls SYMPHONY Vitrified Garden Paving. No sealing required, designed for low maintenance and for use for interiors as well as patios.

So, when it comes to paving and sealants, if a supplier recommends sealing, you need to ask why. You might be purchasing a cheaper, substandard stone. Our advice?  Do a little bit of research and make sure you've chosen the paving you'll be happy with long term.