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Garden paving installation guides: have you got yours?

Our top tip: read your manufacturer's paving installation guide

You’ve chosen your paving, sorted your design and layout, and it’s now delivered and waiting for installation. If you haven’t done so already, this is definitely the point you need to check with your paving manufacturer’s recommendations for installation - well, tbh, these are essential if you want your paving to look good and stay fit for purpose. If you’ve booked a landscaper and he’s not interested in reading the technical specifications and guidance, has always done it ‘his way’, then alarm bells should be ringing.

Every one of our Marshalls and Stonemarket paving and walling products comes with an installation guide. These guides often run to 3 or 4 pages. Their pics and diagrams show you exactly how to install slabs so that you can enjoy your chosen product for years to come.

Installation is technical and very specific to paving designs and materials. An installer needs to choose the correct sub-base materials and put these down correctly. The guide will explain the best way to lay your driveway paving or concrete slabs and how to cut them without wastage to create your bespoke design. Particular jointing compounds will be specified. There will also be advice about impact of weather conditions on installation and guidance on how long before the patio or driveway can be used.

Avoid expensive basic mistakes!

Importantly there will be some essential DON’TS to be aware of in these guides. A good landscaper and installer will be checking for these as a matter of course. However, manufacturers are only too aware how a poorly informed or untrained installer might cut corners or costs at the expense of the project’s success and longevity. For example, the installation guidance for our bestselling slate paving states that ‘Under no circumstances should dry or semi dry sand/cement mixes be brushed into the joints. This practice leads to staining of the paving and does not constitute a true rigid joint.’ An installer not familiar with technical guidelines might try to use this common and traditional form of jointing and jeopardise the entire installation!

Stonemarket’s really handy Installation Guide

You'll find Stonemarket’s Installation Guide very useful. It shows at a glance the different options for all kinds of natural stone paving, concrete paving and block paving. Its images and clearly explained stages allow installers to make a quick essential check prior to installation. It also gives the homeowner some great baseline information to ensure they are getting the best for their money both from the installer and from the product.

So, whether you need a full mortar bed, a sand screed bed, slurry backing or waterproof grout , it’ll be clear here. Some products have been developed with specific pointing compounds - often included in the price of the paving material so that you get the most robust finish for your installation.

Marshalls Hard Landscape Guarantee

If you are spending in excess of £5000 on Marshalls Paving and your work is being carried out by a Registered Paving Installer, £50 +VAT gets you a Hard Landscape Guarantee: 10 years for products and their workmanship for 5 years. It’s an additional benefit from Marshalls and does not affect your statutory rights, but well worth considering if you are planning a big project.

Marshalls and Stonemarket Registered Installers and Designers

Installers, landscapers and garden designers can choose to register with our suppliers. This way they benefit from up to date product information, advice and training. Their work is inspected regularly to ensure it meets with their membership standards. Their specialist installation and design skills are accredited. If you don't already know an excellent landscaper, you might want to take a look if you want peace of mind.

Advice for free from our paving team

Another way to double check you’ve got everything you need for successful patio installation is to chat to Turnbull’s experienced paving team before completing an online purchase. Order with us and we’ll always make sure you know how to get hold of installation guides. They’ll be happy to talk through any questions you might have about specifics, quantities and options. They work with installers, landscapers and designers, every day of the week, so why not tap into their expertise with our products?