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Garden Walling, Landscaping and Paving Trends of 2017

Marshalls Paving? Garden Walling? Discover the Garden Trends of 2017

Your garden paving and landscaping choices expand each year with a host of exciting new products from Marshalls and Stonemarket. Turnbull is here with a few on-trend suggestions for your garden retreat.

Eco-Friendly Garden Paving and Landscaping

Your choice of paving is  an area to go green. Opting for permeable Marshalls paving means rainwater is absorbed rather than pushed into drains, which benefits the ecosystem and reduces the risk of flooding. All Marshalls products that are produced in the UK have been carbon footprinted and are certified by The Carbon Trust. You can even use Marshalls’ carbon footprint calculator to determine the footprint of your project.

The environment will also have an impact on what kind of flowers we grow in our gardens. The declining bee population means we need to to plant nectar-rich plants, with more wildflowers and other native species. If your garden has a large paving area, create a more bee-friendly environment by filling planters with lavender and flowering herbs - a benefit that will extend as far as your dinner plate, too!

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Block Colours and Play Areas

Feature walls, already on-trend with interior designers, are now seen more and more in trendy gardens. Large blocks of green on external walls, set against modern Marshalls paving, will set off the other colours and textures of the garden. Add feature walling for its geometric style and a classic appeal. Creating complementary and contrasting colour blocks will create a strong visual setting.

Play areas for kids both big and small will be prominent in 2017. As the benefits of being outdoors become even more apparent, gardens will facilitate play for people of all ages. Free-form play areas, packed with natural building materials, will encourage constructing, learning and exercising. 2017 is the year of the garden fort!

The play possibilities don’t stop there — playhouses made from sustainable, UK-sourced wood tick all the boxes. Add a few arts and craft materials, and they’re ready to be personalised by little imaginations.

Blending the Rustic and the Modern

“Vintage” has been a much-used and loved word over the past few years. But 2017 will see a move away from pre-loved rustic towards modern styling. In the garden, this means a combination of old and new. So, for instance, classic wooden benches will have a great impact when placed on modern Marshalls paving.

The same can be said of garden walling. Modern gardens can get a stylistic boost by adding a rustic wall. If you need some more inspiration, read our blog post on five examples of beautiful garden walling design.

Indian Sandstone Paving: Minimalist Style and Ethical Accountability

We’ll see a return to simplicity in 2017. Garden paving’s best example of simplicity comes in the form of Indian sandstone paving. As a material, it is relatively plain yet high in quality, while its resistance to algae means it requires little maintenance. What’s more, the minimalist styling allows garden furniture and plants to be more adventurous.

Making informed decisions about the products we buy will come to the fore in 2017, as we understand more about the wider implications of our purchasing choices. Marshalls Indian sandstone paving is the choice for the ethical consumer, as Marshalls supports UNICEF projects in India to prevent child labour in stone quarries. All Marshalls Fairstone sandstone paving products are ethically sourced, so you can plan your garden project with a clear conscience.

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