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6 ways your garden improves your wellbeing

Garden planning for mindfulness and good health

Lots of us appreciate how a bit of time outside can really recharge the batteries in a busy life. Reducing stress, keeping healthy and being happy is a priority for us all.  GPs and mental health charities say gardening speeds up how quickly we recover from illness.   A place to sit quietly and enjoy a bit of sunshine is an everyday pleasure.   The companionable wooden Forest Garden Harvington Love Seat offers two seats linked by a handy fixed table - ideal for a cup of tea and a chat.  Made from pressure-treated wood with a 15 year guaranteee, this is feel-good garden seating that'll last!

Gardening for Health

Get yourself a garden workout!

Working in the garden gets you physically fit. You can burn large amounts of calories and exercise your heart working in the garden. 30 minutes digging and shovelling burns 250 calories, mowing the lawn is an energetic 195 calories, sweeping down  patio slabs uses up about 100 calories. Try a more ambitious garden project - laying a patio or path or wall and you’re seriously working out! Latest research tells us that the over 50s benefit from aerobic activity every week to keep the brain sharp and lively. If the gym doesn’t do it for you, may be gardening does!

Lower your stress levels

Time out having a wander down your garden path, or a quiet 10 minutes on the patio relieves stress. Studies have shown that being outdoors even for a short time in your own garden lowers stress and blood pressure. Your body starts to relax and take in the colours, smells and sounds. This can help release tension and stress. It’s no surprise homeowners are installing garden arbours and gazebos as quiet spaces to escape the pressures in their lives.  For year-round, all-weather, fresh air quality time, consider the benefits of a garden building like the Forest Garden Arden Gazebo.  It's a solid, snug wooden garden arbour with an integral floor and three cosy benches.  Fill with cushions and a woolly throw or two and you've got an instant calm place to practice a little mindfulness.

Develop new skills

The garden is a great place to develop new skills and to learn – grab garden shed space for a new hobby, get the rest of the family involved in growing veggies in raised beds for fun and easy access, or spend a quiet half hour garden bird-watching. A larger shed with plenty of natural light like a Forest Garden Tongue and Groove Pressure Treated 6x8 Apex Shed is the ideal hobby space. It's got two opening windows and room for a work bench as well as storage of your garden equipment. Even with limited space and budget, you can set up a Forest Garden Mini Greenhouse. It's the perfect solution for anyone with a small garden or even a balcony.  Pop in a standard growbag for tomatoes or strawberries, and use its  shelves for trays of fresh salad leaves. Good food grown at home makes everyone feel better.

Stay in touch

Your garden can help you keep connected with other people – join a gardening club, visit a local open garden, try out new recipes with your family and friends using home-grown herbs and veg, chat to plant enthusiasts at your weekend carboot sale and get some good tips!

Gardening for everyone

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Thrive is an amazing gardening charity that uses gardening to change the quality of people’s lives. They have developed an Accessible Gardening range in collaboration with garden furniture manufacturer Forest Garden. We really like the fact that there are a range of garden furniture and products that support people who are less mobile and who love gardens and gardening. Cleverly adapted raised beds allow people who need to sit or use a wheelchair to enjoy a bit of gardening. Their Corner Table Planter will create a lovely manageable little growing space for anyone. They also have lots of useful tips on easier gardening to suit everyone.