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Eco-friendly Sustainable Garden Design

We gardeners can make a difference!

Gardens make a huge difference to the quality of the environment in our cities and towns, according to scientists at the respected Royal Horticultural Society in their latest report 'Gardening Matters’

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It’s easy to see how gardens benefit wildlife – a whole range of birds, insects and small mammals survive in our green spaces. But amazingly, our humble back gardens also help protect cities and urban environments from extremes of temperature. And, importantly, they limit flooding after heavy rainfall. So, homeowners can be proud of their gardens and play an important part in making our towns and cities better places in which to live.

Our gardens form between 22-27% of the total area of most UK cities, and contain approximately 25% of their trees.  They provide a sort of air-conditioning, cooling the air when temperatures rise. And in winter those same trees - or hedging – act as insulation for city homes by creating shelter belts or wind breaks. That means fuel bills and energy consumption go down!

The roots of those same trees and hedges trap heavy rainfall and slow the progress of run off water into the drains. We’ve all seen those alarming sights of drains overwhelmed with water. Properly planted gardens help prevent this!

Garden patios and front garden parking are hugely popular for making the most of our outdoor living space, but again homeowners can do their bit by installing permeable paving options. They also recommend replacing wide expanses of lawn with their need for fuel-guzzling mowers, chemical fertilisers and weed killers, with areas of trees, woody shrubs and perennials which soak up carbon emissions.

Gardens are very personal to their owners, reflecting their lifestyle and tastes. But knowing that making some small changes, like planting a tree, makes a difference to our town or city gives these special places an even bigger feel-good factor!

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