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Glorious Grey is this season’s garden landscape colour

Glorious grey for garden paving and gravels

This year greys, blues and other cool Scandi colours are proving consistently popular in garden design.  Choose hard landscaping surfaces from this colour palette for a clean, restful look.  Use colours like Deep Onyx, elegant Charcoal, Stone White and Medici Grey to make a garden a harmonious and relaxing refuge from the visual busyness of our fast-moving, digital worlds.  Team up with strong architectural plants and  natural wood structures for a sophisticated and contemporary garden.

Don't stop at decorative pea gravel, please

We love that our supplier Long Rake Spar is constantly extending its range of decorative gravels and garden aggregates.  That makes the design decision to combine paving with other garden surface textures both easy and interesting.  You’ll find plenty of new choices to create a cool, monochrome palette. Mix and match with our recommended Marshalls and Stonemarket garden paving to achieve a calm, tranquil outdoor space with interesting textures and shades.

Ice Blue Cobbles with Torval Limestone Paving

Ice Blue Decorative Cobbles are elegant, light blue/grey tumbled stones formed from Dolomitic marble.  They work extremely well with dark grey stone slabs.  Try using along side Stonemarket’s Trustone Torvale Garden Paving, a hand-selected and ethically sourced limestone paving slab in a beautiful dark grey and with a precision sawn smooth finish.

Black Ice Gravel and Angel Whirlpool Boulders

£216.00 Per Pack
£36.00 Per m2
Price Includes VAT

Pursue the cool scandi-look with Decorative Black Ice gravel - it’s a mix of Black Basalt and Ice Blue gravels. Think wild Icelandic beaches with black volcanic sands and shards of ice swept in from the seas.  Use Black Ice for an on-trend hassle-free surface for chilled urban gardens. Scatter a crateful of the fabulously named Long Rake Spar Angel Whirlpool Boulders - these are large, rounded grey-green stones with white veining - and you’ve got a low maintenance garden landscape with year-round appeal.

Arctic Granite Textured Garden Paving with White Cobbles

£375.00 Per Pack
£62.50 Per m2
Price Includes VAT
Stonemarket also make granite paving in three appealing shades of grey: deep Midnight, a more gentle Dusk and the light, ice-touched Glacier.  These slabs are precision-cut to be laid without a jointing line and can be colour-mixed for strong visual impact. And the best thing about Arctic?  Its textured surface, glinting with the mica, felspar and quartz that make up natural granite.  We suggest combining with Long Rake Spar White Decorative Cobbles.  These sparkling white stones, measuring 40-90mm in size, come in a bulk bag which covers about 6 metres square.  Perfect to bring light and brightness to a shady corner.  Oh, and the Stonemarket Arctic range includes a neat, minimalist edging stone which would contain your cobbles beautifully.

Choosing a colour palette for your garden

As in any other area of your home, colour palette plays an important part in creating your garden’s individual look and atmosphere.  It’s great to have lots of choice when it comes to selecting garden paving and gravels.  We suggest spending a bit of time considering different textures, shades of colour, and their appearance in both summer sunshine and the darker days of winter.

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