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How to make your garden the perfect party venue

Turnbull can help you achieve a wonderful outdoor social space that's perfect for family get-togethers and special occasions when you need a bit more elbow room.  From adding a new paving patio area to injecting a bit of colour to the garden, follow our infographic guide and get ready to entertain.


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Install More Patio Space

An abundance of flowers and a well-kept lawn can make for a beautiful garden, but at social events, you don’t want your grass turning into Glastonbury. High heels and heavy footfall over a lawn can ruin all your hard work, so think about adding some patio space.

A simple block paving patio, big enough for a table and some chairs, can transform your garden into a great entertaining space. Solid ground ensures that, even if the UK summer plays its usual tricks, your garden and guests will remain mud-free.

If your garden party ambitions are bigger, consider extending an existing patio to cater for more guests. Our garden paving packs come in sizes from 10m2 to 20m2  and you can add that extra space without any unnecessary wastage.

Add a Splash of Colour

The garden doesn’t have to be green and brown — far from it! So get creative with design. Adding bedding plants and herbs to wooden planters can perk up your party area, so pick a theme and run with it. Change your plants with the seasons as new colours start to become more prevalent. Summer is the perfect time to add white, yellow or light pink annuals to your garden.

As the summer begins to fade into autumn, go for oranges and pinks such as helenium and Japanese anemone. These will keep the spirit of summer alive while it’s still bright enough for an evening barbeque.

Protecting Against a UK Summer

It’s inevitable, so be proactive about the rain. Garden parties can take weeks of planning, whether it’s finding a time to suit all your guests or making enough food for the whole bunch. The last thing you want is rain stopping play!

Make sure you’ve got some shelter over your garden paving in case the heavens open. A sturdy gazebo will be a life-saver for your guests and provide a quiet space away from the action, regardless of rain.

Pergolas and gazebos also offer vital shade when the sun does decide to make an appearance. Combine an arched pergola with climbing plants to create a cool area on hot days.

And for when the sun goes down, leaving your guests reaching for their cardigans, a patio heater will keep everyone toasty. Add some table lighting to create a cosy atmosphere when the temperature drops. A simple, yet effective idea is to place some battery-operated fairy lights inside a mason jar.

Experiment With Seating Areas

A garden party becomes great when guests can chat freely, so move away from restrictive seating to really get things going. Chairs and benches should be versatile so they can move with the vibe of the party. Choose modular sleeper benches that interlock with tables and planters so you can rearrange on the fly. You could also offer some quiet areas for guests to retire to, such as a sheltered gazebo or our Forest Garden Harvington love seat. Keeping guests confined to one chair for the whole evening can stifle the fun, so encourage people to move around with your choice of seating.

To get your outside space ready for party season, take a look at the wide range of garden paving available at Turnbull. Our beautifully crafted block paving packs will make your garden the talk of the town.