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Why Indian sandstone is the most popular paving slab

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If you’re browsing for a suitable garden patio slab, you’ll have noticed that suppliers like Turnbull offer Indian sandstone paving products. It’s now a hugely popular consumer choice since its introduction to the market about 30 years ago. Sandstone is a superb natural stone surface but why Indian Sandstone, we hear you ask? Well, there are a few very good reasons.

Indian sandstone - an affordable, mid-range paving slab

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If Indian sandstone is so good, it’s probably out of your price range? Not so. There are lots of mid-range sandstone options. Marshalls Indian Sandstone Paving and Sandstone Circle comes in three colours and starts around £20 a square metre. Riven Harena is a superior mid-range split sandstone slab well worth looking at. And check out Stonemarket’s Avant-Garde – huge one-metre square sandstone slabs in Caramel or Silver. Mmmmmm!

Indian sandstone looks sublime

Indian sandstone comes in a range of soft, subtle colours. Manufacturers describe it as quartzitic, which means it has tiny quartz crystals in its surface, often with a hint of pink or ochre. The quartz gives sandstone a soft, glasspaper sheen and its cool, pale beauty. The rock was formed millions of years ago by extreme heat in a process which also creates tiny streaks of colour from other naturally occurring pigments. Rajasthan in northern India, which also produces some of India’s finest gemstones and jewellery, quarries sandstone with these unique colour palettes and delicate quartz veining.

Sandstone slabs are tough - really, really tough

Remember your school geography? Then of course, you’ll know that quartz is a super-hard rock and so Indian sandstone (with its high percentage of quartz) is really strong. This means it's much less likely to crack, split or peel off in bits even after years of tough UK winters.
Not all sandstones are the same - look for the Stone Standard quality mark from suppliers. This means the paving is made from stone fit for purpose and that it meets all technical criteria set by the British Stone Standard. It’s been tested to make sure it’s frost-resistant, that it absorbs little water and that it’s got real strength and won’t fail under pressure or use. If you find cheap sandstone for sale, watch out. The stone is cheaper because it’s softer, easier to quarry and cut into slabs. It’s more porous and will green up with algae and lichens much more quickly. It’s worth doing your research.

Fairstone - for every 1m² sandstone paving sold, £1 goes to UNICEF

The Fairstone trademark is an industry-wide ethical assurance scheme which means you can buy sandstone paving with a conscience. Some stone importers and suppliers work alongside UNICEF to support and encourage the Indian quarrying industry’s work to improve work and safety conditions. Marshalls and Stonemarket were the first UK companies to do this, signing up to the Ethical Trade Initiative’s Base Code. This means they obtain sandstone from quarries that do not use child labour, do pay living wages and have acceptable health and safety standards.
In 2014, Marshalls began a three-year partnership with UNICEF UK aimed at tackling child labour in the Indian quarrying sector. For every 1m² of Marshalls Fairstone products sold during the partnership, £1 has been donated to the charity to fund its important work.

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