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Latest garden fencing designs

Get up to speed with fence panel design

Why not check out the different panel designs quality manufacturers like Grange are making these days?  Long gone are the days when you only had the choice of overlap or featheredge fence panels when planning to put up a new garden fence.

Just to get a little technical for a moment: featheredge panels are made up of vertical slats (or pales as they are called in the industry) which are thicker on one side than the other.Overlap panels are made of horizontal pales that overlap as they are put together. Both are sturdy, practical and cost-effective fence options but, to be honest, a little dull! 

Create a contemporary vibe with these garden screens and panels

You can get tall fence panels or screens which are specifically designed for urban living where the neighbours are closer than you’d wish. Made from slender palings retaining the light, natural colour of wood, these screens provide cool, minimalist boundaries. They are the perfect backdrop to specimen planting and look superb with bamboo and large foliage plants. The Grange Urban Garden Screen has slim horizontal asymmetric slats offering both privacy and a stylish statement.

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For real flexibility you can now buy adjustable garden screens which act like Venetian blinds. Tilt the slats to catch the sun on your patio at a certain time of day, and for the rest of the time adjust for maximum privacy or wind protection. A Louvre fence panel will provide a robust boundary, but unlike a traditional fence panel, will allow light to filter through. It’s particularly effect where you might have outdoor seating or a pergola.

And if you want to fence off your garden into ‘rooms’, check out what’s called garden screening - lightly slatted panels which mark a transition to another space without blocking your view or light.  We think the Grange Urban Garden Screen is perfect for sectioning off garden spaces.

Like the idea of an alternative to traditional fence panels?

The Grange have developed a selection of more decorative fence panels in their Elite range. Named rather charmingly after towns in Brittany, they are all solid, high quality fencing panels with design details to please the eye.  The Elite St Carne Dome, St Meloir and St Lunairs feature pretty trellis, arched tops and more attractive slat patterning than the typical fence panel. They are a great choice for anyone wanting to replace a old fence with something that has a bit more character.

Picket fencing for a romantic country look

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Picket fencing is sometimes called palisade fencing. The pickets or pales are spaced uprights on a low level fence. It’s a style that’s been been popular for centuries around the world. Painted white or pastel colours they epitomise the classic English country garden look. The pales come in different designs too - round top, diamond profile or straight-edged. We’d recommend the Grange Round Top Palisades Fence Panels.  It’s a sturdy classic picket fence, ideal for front garden boundaries, or for sub-dividing a large back garden into play and veggie growing areas.

Classic fence panels

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Oh, and if you do want something traditional, these too come in plenty of options! Here is Grange Lap Fence Panels. Manufacturers like Grange are tuned into our desire for choice and value for money when it comes to buying garden fencing. They offer standard and premium fence panels in all heights - either dipped golden brown, or pressure-treated for even more durability.