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Lawn edging: a cheap way to tidy your garden

Here's why we love a bit of lawn edging!

Garden or lawn edging is a cost-effective and economic way to keep borders, lawns and paths where you all intend them to be.  If you thinking about a garden revamp with low maintenance in mind, here are some tips from the Turnbull team:

Use lawn edging to create a low maintenance garden:

  • Use lawn edging materials to create a clean, easy mowing edge
  • Trimming and weeding of borders, veggie beds etc is much easier if you have an edge to work up to
  • Lawn edging stops grass and moss spreading to your nicely weeded and dug borders
  • If you’ve got a gravel path or you’ve just spread bags of mulch, you’ll be pleased your new edging is keeping them in their intended place
  • Autumn clear ups are much easier if you can collect leaves on paths and patios up against a raised kerb or edging.

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Use lawn edging to improve your garden’s design:

  • Lawn edging is an economical way to add strong design and therefore value to your garden. A line of edging stones between your lawn and garden paths will emphasise either your garden’s linear, symmetrical layout or the more flowing organic lines you have chosen.
  • A bed of perennials or shrubs can be framed beautifully by edging materials, particularly if you use a light natural stone finish which contrasts very effectively with foliage and flowers.
  • Use lawn edging to link the different areas of your garden. For example, if you have a sandstone patio, you could use matching sandstone borders to edge a path or border - it's  like using similar textures and colours in your home's interior design.
  • Use Victorian Rope lawn edging to create a period look or the minimalist profile of Avant Garde for a very contemporary finish. Traditionalists will love the scalloped profile of Marshalls Country Garden Edging - it's pretty and romantic.

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Choose the lawn edging to suit your garden:

  • Timber landscape edging is popular, cheap but has a limited life. There are lots of fancy decorative profiles to choose from, and of course, timber can be painted, which opens up lots of design possibilities. Sleeper-sized timbers are also popular for larger projects. Log edging will allow you to create curved lines.
  • Composite lawn and garden edging made from recycled wood products are moulded with the characteristics of a timber surface finish, come in a great natural palette of colours and don’t rot or splinter.
  • Landscape edging made from galvanised steel is long-lasting, versatile and its very contemporary look suits minimalist gardens.
  • Plastic landscape edging can be bought in many DIY stores - it’s a budget option, is easily installed, and comes in  a limited range of colours and designs.
  • Stone or concrete paving slabs make superb long-lasting lawn edging. The colours and textures bring character to your garden, as well as substance and some formality. Using 200x100mm paving blocks in an upright angled saw tooth pattern makes a stylish and simple border. Manufacturers Marshalls and Stonemarket both offer bespoke edging blocks but take a look at their linear stone slabs which can be laid to create unfussy, stylish borders.
  • Decorative pebbles and cobbles make interesting informal edging between paths and borders. Place them on geotextile fabric for easy maintenance.  Gabions (wire mesh cages) filled with cobbles and rockery stone make substantial dividers between garden areas and levels.
  • Low level walling stone requiring no mortar makes very effective edging particularly if you are dealing with a change in levels or a tricky sloping area. Ideal here is a product like Marshalls Croft Stone Garden Walling, which is also very good for raised beds. We also think Stonemarket Timberstone Posts and Sleepers which have the appearance of genuine aged timber make fantastic edging for substantial borders and beds.

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So many choices - we hope we’ve got you thinking! The paving team are happy to talk you through the possibilities for your particular project, and help with quotations on different products. Why not give them a call and tap into their expertise?