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Free laying patterns for paving slabs

So many patio laying patterns to choose from

So, you’ve sourced a great patio slab.  It's a colour and texture you love. It’s decent quality and you’re confident it’s good value for money. You know approximately how much you’ll need, but here’s where you’ll need a laying pattern. This essential diagram will help you calculate exactly how much you need to buy and allow you to visualise the end result.

You'll know that different layout patterns create very different visual effects in your garden, whether it’s rectangular slabs laid in herringbone, a strong linear slab leading the eye towards a focal point, or a stretcher bond using square slabs.  With so many options, it's worth exploring what would look best.


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In this delightful Marshalls garden a laying pattern using Marshalls Fairstone Driveway Setts and contrasting sandstone Fairstone Sawn Versuro Linear Garden Paving creates strong curves and squares and an immensely appealing setting for a small garden.

Free online planner and downloadable layout patterns

A good installer will discuss design layout options with you.  Marshalls provides free downloadable patterns suitable for particular products, and this is a great place to start.  They have a page dedicated to the various patterns and provide information on what patterns work with which product.

Their free online paving planner lets you select a paving design so you can see how it looks laid in a choice of laying patterns. Once you've chosen your preferred look, you can download a pdf containing your bespoke laying pattern.  They'll tell you the number of packs of each slab required to achieve the effect you want - very useful if you are using four or five different slab sizes. It’s always a good idea to discuss this with your installer, as there might be site-specific features like trees and access points that will affect the layout.

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You can achieve different effects using just one size of slab. For example, you can buy Marshalls Firedstone Garden Paving in three sizes: 300 x 300 | 600 x 300 | 600 x 600.  A patio using  300 x 300 mm slabs laid in a stack bond laying pattern  will have a very different impact from one consisting of 600 x 600mm slabs in stretcher bond.

For a particular laying pattern or bespoke design, choose a paving slab that comes in a range of sizes.  This way you can be really creative with your paving design layout.

Random layouts - not a pattern at all!

A random layout is traditional and still very popular with both installers and homeowners. The patio surface is made up of three or four different sized slabs and they're laid randomly, without a repeat pattern of any kind, until the desired area is covered. There's no strong directional line to the layout and the effect is quite informal and relaxed.

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Our top tip for using random layout: avoid cross joints where four corners meet, and joints longer than three metres. Both of these will dominate and draw the eye, spoiling the overall effect. Random layouts work well with natural sandstone like Marshalls Fairstone Sawn Versuro Garden Paving. It comes in four slab sizes, as well as  King size and Jumbo King size slabs. It's this useful range of sizes that will allow you to create a laying pattern that makes the most of your chosen patio location.  Try including a couple of jumbo slabs at particular focal points, or where traffic is highest.  An option for a tighter budget is Marshalls Heritage Garden Paving, good-looking riven paving with five slab size options and a classic Yorkstone look.

Popular laying patterns

Stretcher Bond

Stretcher Bond

Stretcher bond is the simplest paving pattern, and it's also known as a running bond or half bond. The joints are offset by exactly half the width of the paving flag.

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This pattern is ideal for Saxon Garden Paving , a popular practical workhorse of a patio slab.  Saxon comes in four sizes and also as a useful linear edging slab.  You can have a smart, family-friendly, slip-resistant patio down in no time using a easy, straightfoward laying pattern like this.


Repeatable random patterns

Repeatable random patterns

These are so various depending on the sizes of slabs available. They cleverly create a more informal, undemanding block pattern that is pleasing to the eye, but in reality are clusters of slabs repeated in the same group across the patio.







Herringbone pattern

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The herringbone is a traditional layout for a single size rectangular slab. It's a stylish way to get a formal period look, reminiscent of the patterning of parquet flooring and very easy to lay.  If this look appeals, we recommend choosing a block driveway product which are ideal for paths and patios too. Stonemarket Trident Textured  Driveway Paviours will give you a fabulous period look and comes in five colour choices, from  arresting Charcoal to warm Sierra.

Repeatable patterns in project packs

The beauty of a project pack that it gives you a pattern to repeat and cover your desired surface area. These are special designs for particular paving products. Our popular Indian sandstone paving has a recommended laying pattern which maximises the use of five different slab sizes. The end result is a patio which has harmony and variety, and is a delight to look at day after day!

Examples of laying patterns suitable for garden paving slabs:


laying-pattern-granite -eclipse

Don't hesitate to give our paving team a call on 01529 308839 if you want help with calculating quantities for your project - they're expert at working out best deals for our customers and will save you unnecessary wastage.