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Quick garden storage solutions

Great garden storage solutions for a sort out

We all have garden storage crises at some time or other, and so, to save your sanity,  here's a run down of some of the best and cheapest garden storage we can offer. They'll get you ahead of the game when it comes to space-saving garden storage ideas - especially if you have a small house and garden and are short of room outdoors and indoors.

Small garden sheds

One of the smallest sheds we can find is the Forest Garden 3x5 Apex. It doesn’t have windows which makes it even more useful - it means you can hang tools or put up shelving on three sides. You can slide it down the side of the house, tuck it out of sight at the bottom of the garden or on one side of a patio. Ideal if you want to get all that decorating gear out of the house, or store the recycling bags where you won’t trip over them!

Forest Garden also do a 6x3 Pent Shed.  Again this has no windows, which is a great security feature, especially as this shed is the ideal size for a couple of bikes and has the height to hang other outdoor gear.  Both these sheds come with hidden hinges for even more security. Or if you want a more floor space, but still need a compact garden shed, check out the 6x4 Reverse Apex Shed.

£291.50 Each
Price Includes VAT

This design has the window and door on the same side, so you can squeeze it up against a boundary wall or garage and still access its storage space easily.  The window makes for more versatility, especially if you need daylight to sort and organise your stuff.  Not everyone is able to run an electric supply to a garden shed, and none of us likes bashing around in the gloom trying to find what we want.

Garden stores (think even smaller than sheds!)

£291.20 Each
Price Includes VAT

You don’t have to settle for a plain old shed, if your space is precious.  There are two garden store designs we think provide neat solutions to garden storage. The Forest Garden Tall Garden Store has a footprint of only 93cm x 58cm, and yet its height and internal shelves mean you can pack in a lot of garden tools and outdoor stuff.  It’s got a zinc roof - a nice detailing that gives it a little more style than your usual timber garden shed.  We also like the Garden Log and Tool Store by Forest Garden.  At under 2 metres wide and only 70cms deep means it’ll sit happily in a side passage way.  It combines storage for tools and a slatted, raised log store so you can keep a supply of wood near the back door.  Also great for those recycling bags, spare patio pots and sacks of compost.

Unique Boot Store

Forest Garden Boot Store

We have to give a mention to the delightful Forest Garden Boot Store. For some families - we’re thinking those with kids, dogs, and a love of country walks and all things outdoors and muddy, this Boot store has to be a great storage solution.  Instead of stepping over a mass of toppled wellies, dog leads and wet brollies in your hallway, here is a bespoke store to keep wet footwear out of the way.  At 58cms wide and 47cms deep, it’s small and cute enough to deserve a place next to your front door.

When is a log store not a log store?

£140.39 Each
Price Includes VAT

If you’ve got a wood burner or open fires, you’ll know how essential it is to keeping wood dry and ventilated near the house.  But these handy sized stores also make great places to put garden equipment out of the wind and rain.  Store gas canisters and barbecues, folding chairs, bins etc.  They’re not secure, of course, but they will provide weather protection for things you need quick access to.  Take a look at the Forest Garden Wall Log Store which is 183 cms long, big enough for your average mountain bike.

Our  Forest Garden storage solutions are made from pressure-treated FSC timber and come with a 15 year manufacturer's guarantee against rot. Order from Turnbull today for FREE delivery UK wide.