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Problem-free garden paving: advice for year-round maintenance

Paving problems avoided and year round maintenance advice courtesy of the Turnbull Paving Team

A smart cleaning routine

It’s worth having a good yearly maintenance routine for your driveway or paving area – keep a close eye on these areas and they’ll remain an asset to your property, staying attractive and welcoming. Good maintenance keeps the problems away and prolongs the life of paving. You’ll save money in the long run.

Spring clean

Marshalls and Stonemarket recommend giving your paving the first clean of the year in the spring to remove any build-up of algae, moss, dirt and debris that can happen over the winter months. This is also a good time to check that the joints are still filled, especially after the harsh winter weather. Refill if needed. Check for and replace any cracked or broken pavers - nip problems in the bud now, before the heavier use in the summer.

Summer time check

Summertime brings warmer weather, and your paved areas come into their own. Marshalls and Stonemarket really recommend regular checks and cleaning to keep your paving in the best possible condition. If any spillages or products end up on the paving, try to clear up straight away to avoid the risk of staining.

Autumn sweep

Autumn can be a beautiful season but leaves, fruit and berries dropped from bushes and trees can cause temporary staining. It’s worth keeping a watch out for potential problems – and slip hazards, so a good regular sweep routine is essential.

Winter weather watch

Keep everyone safe by clearing heavily used areas of snow and ice build-up. Lots of us use de-icing salts on our driveways and patios. If you spread rock salt on your paving, you may notice some discolouration, but this is only temporary.  After normal weathering it should soon return to its original colour. Products such as ‘Magic Ice Melts’ and ‘Ice-Thaw Granules’ are a bit more expensive than rock salt, but you can happily use them on all paving products and they won’t leave any unsightly deposits. It is important to keep an eye on the condition of your paved areas - heavy rain, snow and ice can all take a toll.