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Use a garden paving planner to save money

Save money on your paving order

When ordering garden paving slabs or driveway block paving it's sensible to allow for wastage to complete your project. Adding an allowance for wastage means you'll still have enough slabs or blocks to finish, even if you drop one, or make a mistake when cutting.  It happens to us all!

The norm for garden slabs is around 5%, but you can reduce this figure by using the Marshalls Paving Planner.

This handy free online calculator will give you a more precise number of slabs/packs for a particular paving product using a specific laying pattern. For more explanation, read our paving team's guide to planning here.

Under-ordering can mean waiting for, and paying for, the delivery of an extra pack.  On the other hand, over-ordering and organising returns is expensive, too! If you want to lay a bespoke patio design rather than using a project pack, it is more likely that you will need to cut some slabs, so be careful you don’t fall short.

Make sure you complete your project without hassle by buying the right quantity - mistakes can be costly so we want to help you get it right first time. If you are in doubt then don't hesitate to get in touch using our web chat facility or call us on 01529 308839. It's what we do every day!