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Paving and driveway maintenance

Look after your paving and driveway investment

Hard landscaping can be a significant investment for every homeowner, so we do recommend these regular easy steps to keep driveways, paths and patios looking like new.

Brushing is best for patios

We have to say, the best and easiest way to keep a patio looking good is to brush it regularly. Sweep slabs with a good stiff brush to remove all the dirt and debris that collects at any time of the year.  Larger driveway areas may be more of a physical challenge, but it's still the best, low-cost way to clean your hard landscaping.

Cleaning with a jet washer

Cleaning your paving with a jet washer can be very effective, but we recommend testing the jet on an inconspicuous area of your paving – some power washers can be pretty fierce and can cause surface damage.  Use on a low to medium setting and keep the angle of the spray quite shallow. Try not to direct the spray down on the joints or you’ll end up washing away your jointing compound. Alternatively, check out a patio cleaning attachment for your jet washer.

Paving and weed control

Weeds grow between pavers of driveways and patios if dirt, earth and leaves are allowed to build up. It 's got to be said: regular cleaning inhibits weeds. Pull out small weeds which have begun to take root. Tough weeds might need weed-killer – use a specific garden weed-control product rather than a general, harsh herbicide. In the battle against weeds, jointing compound is an ally.  Using a recommended jointing compound (such as Weatherpoint 365 or Fast Point) helps inhibit weed growth between pavers. Check after jet washing to see if any jointing material has been washed away, and fill any gaps or thin spots straight away.

Warning about using chemical cleaners to clean paving

There are some tough acid-based cleaners out there for sorting out stubborn stains, but beware – they can do considerable damage to concrete-based products such as Heritage, Coach House, Firedstone and Woodstone paving. Some limestones and marbles are also sensitive to chemical cleaners, and even natural stone products can react, so if you are not sure whether it’s a good idea, ask us – we’re available on the Turnbull chatline or call us on 01529 308839.