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Rot Punkt German Kitchens at Turnbull

German Kitchen Cabinets and Furniture

The Turnbull kitchen design team are big fans of the high quality, innovative German kitchen manufacturer, Rot Punkt.  This Westfalia family firm has been making kitchen cupboards since the 1950s, and are real specialists in top quality fitted kitchens.  It's a distinctive name (translates as nothing more exciting than Red Dot!) for a company with a great reputation for quality, design and choice.

On trend German kitchen design

Rot Punkt are manufacturers who keep a close eye on consumer trends.  They know we want choice, and that we are increasingly savvy about the construction and materials of the kitchen products we buy.  Around 80% of a typical total kitchen spend is on furniture and cabinets. Many of us want high gloss finishes, handle-less doors and drawers, and worktops made from granite or solid surface materials.  Although we do our research on the internet, we do like to get hands-on at the showroom, something the kitchen team see every day at our branches.  Rot Punkt have tapped into the long-term trend for high quality contemporary kitchens, something to consider if your kitchen makeover is going to help you sell your house in the next few years.

Customised consumer choice

Rot Punkt kitchen cabinet choices are pretty amazing: go for handled or handleless kitchens with melamine, foiled, lacquered or wooden doors.  Select from 92 front colours in over 100 ranges and with 34 handle rail colour options.  There are also 20 interior cabinet colours to choose from.

Olivia Hopkins, Kitchen Showroom Manager at our Sleaford branch, says:

'The choice is so huge, you really will get a customised, bespoke kitchen.'

And, like all excellent manufacturers, Rot Punkt continually innovates.  We were interested to see their latest cabinet materials and finishes at the NEC 2018 KBB Show, particularly its Zircon drawer boxes in Carbon, smoked back glass or wood.  We liked the combination of display and concealed storage which allows you to showcase one or two beautiful pieces while hiding the rest of your kitchen gear.  The new island units confirmed their excellence at creating individual, tailored kitchen living spaces and stylish social hubs.  They create great block colour kitchens, often with a strong industrial vibe, but with lots of sophisticated detailing.

Turnbull deliver satisfied Rot Punkt customers

Rot Punkt are a family firm, like Turnbull, with a commitment to customer care and quality.  Our Turnbull kitchen designers aim to visit the Rot Punkt factory each year, and never fail to be impressed with its German cutting edge engineering, technology and efficiency, as well as by the design and craftsmanship that go into its product development.    We don't just supply - our kitchen team project manage the delivery and installation of kitchen cabinets to the point where it's signed off and we see the huge smile on our customers' faces.

If you're in the Lincs/Notts area and looking for a quality kitchen,  visit our Sleaford showroom, where our kitchen designers will help you begin the journey to achieving your dream kitchen.