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Stone wall cladding: super-easy garden wall transformation

Use real stone veneers to create beautiful stone walling

Cladding a feature wall or low patio garden wall in natural stone is simplicity itself. Marshalls sell a versatile, no-fuss sawn veneer walling stone that is ready to go, with everything you need to clad a wall up to 1.8 meters in height. You don’t need to hire a specialist installer – this product is DIY friendly if you have a few basic skills and equipment.  It’s straightforward and affordable, really!  In 3-4 hours it’s possible to cover 3m² in veneer cladding, including cuts and corners.

Stone Wall Cladding

Equipment you’ll need:
Gloves / eye protection / bucket / large paintbrush / spirit level / plastic window packers or 2mm beading / mastic gun / rubber mallet /angle grinder with diamond blade

Each walling kit contains:
Primer / adhesive / Stoneface Sawn Veneer sandstone cladding panels

A simple, no-fuss DIY system

Make sure your wall is dry and dust-free. (See below for Marshall’s recommendations for block walling construction)  Use a bucket and brush to apply the primer provided.  Make sure you cover the surface thoroughly, including all nooks and crannies.  When the wall is touch-dry, you’re ready to get walling!

Start at the base of the wall, using packers or beading to create a 2mm gap to allow moisture to escape.  Check you have got this first layer level with a spirit level.  Begin at the corners using the specially designed corner unit.  These have two dressed faces so you get a seamless natural stone finish.

Apply the adhesive provided with an application / mastic gun, making sure you distribute the adhesive at even intervals.  Don’t go up to the edge of the cladding or you’ll risk the adhesive oozing out and marking the surface.  A slight tap with a mallet is all that’s needed to bed the cladding onto the wall.

Of course, you’ll need to cut some panels to fit your design exactly, and for this you’ll need a small angle grinder fitted with a sharp diamond blade.  This way you’ll get a good, clean cut and the perfect  finish for your installation.

Finally, finish your walling project with wall copings – they’ll complete the look of the wall, but also provide essential protection against the wear of wind and rain.  Use any remaining adhesive or mix a traditional mortar to fix.

Veneer cladding designs

£56.54 Per Pack
£94.24 Per m2
Price Includes VAT

Marshalls make a handsome quality natural Indian Sandstone stone cladding, Stoneface Sawn Veneer Walling. It’s available in four colours, allowing you to create a contrasting feature wall or match your existing colour palette. The walling panels can be laid in a variety of patterns, which is really important if you are creating a feature wall and going for a certain look. The different colours and textures create strong designs. Like their other sandstone products, Stoneface is ethically sourced.

Technical advice from Marshalls

Marshalls offer technical specifications for building a concrete block garden wall suitable for stone cladding. The backing wall should be built of high density blocks: dimensions 215x290x100mm. The wall should be built on a secure foundation with a width a minimum of 3 times the width of the wall, and a minimum of 100mm in depth. For foundations a good standard concrete mix is 1:2:4 (cement : sand : aggregate). Movement joints should be utilised every 6m to 10m and new blockwork is left to dry out for a minimum of 6 weeks

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