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Use the new VADO app to find perfect taps, showers and accessories

The new VADO visualiser helps you explore this exceptional bathroom range

Trying to visualise what one of the latest waterfall bath taps will look like in your bathroom?  Well, now’s there a fun and easy way to do that.  VIV is a clever catalogue app from premium bathroom brassware manufacturer VADO designed to let customers see exactly what their taps, showers and accessories will look like at home.

While online bathroom planning tools are excellent for conveying overall layout and style, and  brilliant for planning a totally new bathroom, what if you just want to upgrade a shower or basin tap and want to know what a new product will look like?  3D planners can’t give you close up product specific detail - and that’s why VADO have developed their VIV app.

Using augmented reality, VIV creates a live size image of a tap, shower or accessory exactly where you would like to see it installed in your own home.

3D images to help you decide

Simply download the app, print out the Marker square ( here’s the pdf ) and position it where you’d like to see a tap or shower installed.  VIV uses your phone camera to create virtual images of the product, as if it were actually in your bathroom.  Images are 3D so you can move your camera lens around to explore each product from different angles, and zoom in on styling details.  You can switch the finish and adjust the lighting to get a superb and precise idea of how a new basin tap, shower fitting or towel ring will appear in your own bathroom.

Save images of your preferred bathroom product from all angles and distances in a Favourites tab, share and use the VIV app to find your nearest VADO stockist.

Design-led technology

VADO know that getting this real-life view is really helpful in making our minds up about bathroom design.  We like to know the details of scale, shape and finish when choosing our bathroom fittings.   If you can’t get to a bathroom showroom to see VADO’s exceptional range, then this app must be the smartest way to choose from the 21 ranges and 700 products in their catalogue.

Design-led interactive brochures to view on phones and tablets have had great positive feedback from other customers, so why not give this app a go if you can’t pop in to one of our Turnbull showrooms?

Download the free VIV App to experience the VADO way via the APPLE APP STORE and GOOGLE PLAY STORE (it’s compatible with all iOS and Android devices).

Our VADO top five picks

VADO are premium bathroom products, designed to bring style and luxury to your bathroom, and we’re all a bit in love with them in the Turnbull office.  Here are our most desired picks!

The shower:

The VADO Strata Thermostatic Shelf Valve Shower Kit gives you luxury showering with beautiful design and impressive functionality. This shower package has a neat chrome shower shelf which houses the thermostatic shower valve. We just don’t know why so few bathroom designers don’t offer this smart design solution for keeping your shower products handy.  Strata includes a large round shower head for powerful overhead showers and a sleek three function hand set.

The bath filler:

Waterfall bath fillers are dreamy, designed to send a wide cascade of hot water into a bath tub and create an indulgent spa vibe in your very own home. This VADO Synergie Bath Filler is beautifully engineered and designed.  It has an open spout so you can watch the water travelling mesmerisingly over its highly polished chrome surface.  It comes as deck-mounted, but there is a wall-mounted option for an even more dramatic effect.

The basin tap:

The VADO Omika Mono Basin Mixer has a single wide waterfall spout and a high, elegant form.  But it the design detail which makes it stand out from the crowd.  The discreet hot/cold controls are decorated with an intricate geometric pattern which contrasts with the gleaming deep polished chrome of the tap spout.  It’s a feature of the VADO Omika range and we think it’s very stylish.

Bathroom accessories:

We had to include two in this spot and tbh, you’ll spoilt for choice with the VADO accessory ranges.  They’re little bit more in price than products you’ll find in the DIY superstores, but VADO is an extremely stylish and understated brand.  Why stint on your bathroom’s finishing details when you’ve worked hard to achieve a fabulous overall look?

The bathroom shelf:

The VADO Omika Shelf is a chrome bathroom shelf with the Omika characteristic intricate geometric pattern.  Its longer 500mm length makes it highly functional as well as beautiful,  and we love the way the polished chrome reflects the complexity of the surface design.  You can buy this in a 200mm or 100mm length, by the way.

The soap dish:

Frosted glass is such a wonderful material to use in the bathroom.  Its soft, clouded blue-green shades remind us of the natural world of beach and sea. It’s easy to clean and forgiving of water splashes, so accessories made using frosted glass are a great choice.  VADO Shama Frosted Glass Soap Dish & Holder has a rounded square simplicity that’s perfect in a minimalist bathroom.  It’s subtle and elegant, and can be matched with a Shama tumbler.

VADO and Turnbull in partnership

Turnbull is an approved retailer of VADO products.  Why not browse further to find your very own bit of bathroom luxury ? We have over 100 selected products to choose from!