Kitchen plumbing essentials

Available online now, a range of essential plumbing products for kitchens.  Shop from our selected range of high quality kitchen taps finished in chrome, satin or antique bronze to complement your kitchen's style.  Choose from sleek contemporary or handsome traditional designs.

Want a quick kitchen tap replacement?  Check out our Bristan Easyfit tap range for an instant stylish upgrade.  You can also add a compatible sink waste kit and trap to your order at a click.

Plus our best-selling domestic water softeners, engineered to work with all heating systems and boilers to ensure you get the best out of your new or existing kitchen and bathroom installations.

Kitchen taps

We have a superb range of Bristan mixer taps and pillar taps - from minimalist and modern to traditional, they'll look superb in a new kitchen installation.  Or perhaps it's just your kitchen sink needs a revamp?  Bristan EasyFit models allow you to replace your kitchen sink taps with no fuss or re-tiling.  We've been selling Bristan taps for years in our branches; they're high quality, give great performance and come in chrome, brushed nickel and gold finishes to suit your kitchen look.

Sink wastes and traps

Our range of Peerless kitchen sink waste kits, sink strainer waste kits, sink traps and overflow fittings will provide robust plumbing solutions for all makes of kitchen sink.

Tapworks water softeners

Take a look at our popular water softeners and accessories made by Tapworks.  These extremely reliable domestic water softeners connect to your home’s plumbing system where it extracts the problematic minerals that cause limescale.  Available in two sizes to suit most UK homes.  Inbuilt monitors measure water use and control the softener’s recharging process.  Compatible with all combi-boilers and megaflow heating systems, unvented or direct feed systems.