Quality Kitchen Taps

Our selected popular Bristan kitchen taps are made of brass and come in a range of finishes: polished chrome, bronze, and brushed nickel. Their designs complement round, square or Belfast sink shapes.

You’ll find taps suitable for one hole or two hole sinks. Mixer taps are very popular with our customers, especially the Bristan Mono mixer option which neatly combines hot and cold water flow with a single tap control.

All Bristan taps and mixers come with a 5 year guarantee on parts and1 year on labour. You can register your purchase with Bristan to extend to 2 years’ free labour. Spares and parts are available for all models.

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Popular Kitchen Tap Designs

Bristan’s monobloc (single hole) taps are space-saving and sleek, so it’s not surprising we sell them every day!

We love the traditional look of the Bristan Colonial Bridge Sink Mixer in Antique Bronze, Brushed Nickel or Chrome. Its design is inspired by the America Colonial era, and so it looks superb in a farmhouse or Victorian kitchen. The Colonial is available as an Easyfit option so you can install without changing your sink or tile surrounds.

The Renaissance Monobloc mixer tap also has great period styling. Its porcelain detailing and classic shape makes it a timeless elegant kitchen feature.

If you want a tap with real contemporary presence, check out the Bristan Cherry Monobloc Mixer tap in chrome. Its sleek, minimalist profile and flattened spout make a subtle, individual design statement.

The Bristan Pear Monobloc Sink Mixer Tap with Pull Out Spray gives you real convenience for rinsing vegetables and cleaning dishes, but also a really strong cutting-edge design and focal point.

We also stock a selection of practical Bristan Value taps which are excellent value for money, and are a perfect choice where functionality and price are most important.

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Great value kitchen taps

Your kitchen tap is a workhorse – it’s used day in, day out, filling the kettle, washing and rinsing, so you’ll want a tap that is robust, well-engineered and reliable. It has to be easy to use with wet, slippery hands and give you a strong, steady flow of both hot and cold water.

But we understand it’s got to look good too! Your kitchen reflects your lifestyle, and the kitchen tap is integral to its design. Contemporary kitchens with clean lines and flush, handleless cabinets and drawers demand strong architectural taps, whereas a farmhouse country kitchen or period Victorian house may have kitchen tap fittings of a more traditional design. Retro interiors are very popular now, so classic taps are still very in high demand with our customers.

Choose quality makes like Bristan – they have solid metal tap bodies, ceramic discs and a manufacturer’s guarantee. You’ll get great functionality alongside great design. They offer a range of finishes - the shine of chrome, the gleam of polished steel or a coloured finish to complement your kitchen’s colour scheme.

Here are our top choices for taps under £99

1. The Bristan Cinnamon Easyfit Sink Mixer Tap is a low profile kitchen tap with a large single lever that can be easily pushed up, down and side to side with wet or messy hands.  It’s stylish, modest and very versatile.

2. Looking for a more classic two handle mixer tap?  The Regency has the traditional four-spoked handles and the ceramic centre detail we love from the old days, but underneath is a robust, brass-bodied engineered tap.  Well worth a look if you want a period feel to your kitchen.

3. Keen family cooks will love the Bristan Pear Sink Mixer Tap with Pull Out Spray.  The Pear is a very practical tap with a hand spray set into the tap head, making rinsing and washing food or dishes an easy job.  Once you’ve had one of these, you’ll never want to go back to a fixed mixer – it adds another functionality to help quick, hygienic food preparation.

4. The Bristan Echo Easyfit Sink Mixer Tap is very popular with our customers.  Its sleek height makes an elegant statement in the work area.  There is nothing fussy about the Echo, and it will sit happily in any style of interior. Separate hot and cold handles are modestly sized, but easy to use.

Taps 5 - 8 on our list are the lusciously named Blueberry, Lemon, Raspberry, and Cherry.   These are Bristan's single-lever mixer taps which let you control water flow and temperature with one hand, leaving the other free to hold utensils and pans. The fingertip control is very useful for all kinds of food preparation and cleaning tasks.  They each have subtle design differences.  We love the bold flat profile of Cherry’s spout.  Blueberry and Lemon have angular spouts, whereas Raspberry offers a curved style.  Handles are large and flat and flat on Cherry, Blueberry and Raspberry, but Lemon offers a handle with a neat, slim pencil profile.  See what we mean?  Check them out - we’re sure you’ll one to your taste!  By the way, this range comes with Easy-fit flexible hoses to make it simple to replace and install without disturbing your kitchen sink and worktop.

9.  Or how about a no-fuss, sensible tap for utility rooms and workshops?  Have a look at the Bristan Lever High Neck Sink Pillar Taps.  Simple lever controls, with useful high neck design, these pillar taps come with Bristan’s 5 year guarantee.

£49.68 Each

10. Finally, nothing fancy, just a well made tap for practical spaces, the straightfoward single mixer tap, the Bristan Lever Sink Mixer is the cheapest in our range. Single hole installation, but with hot and cold levers and a classic, no-frills design.

For more options, designs and finishes, check out our full range of kitchen taps.