Plumbing essentials and parts

For above ground drainage, we've got a full range of both the quick, easy Polypipe Pushfit and flexible Polypipe ring seal systems including tees, bends and straights, as well as seals, cements, clips, connectors and reducers.

Copper piping  and essential coupling parts such as the Turnbull 15mm Equal Tee Coupling EC30-15 for your every day plumbing needs.

McAlpine plastic fittings include traps, wastes and WC connectors.

Plus everything for soldering from 500g reels of Lawtons Solder to tapes, pastes and steel wool.


Turnbull for your plumbing needs

Our range of plumbing parts are suitable for both the DIY plumbing fix and the professional plumber. We stock reliable, high quality products to complete any basic plumbing job.

Plumbing spares

We are stockists of quality UK-made McAlpine plumbing parts - plastic fittings, traps, WC connectors, wet room products, overflow and waste outlet fittings. Everything from a 1½" Centre Pin Sink Waste with 70mm Stainless Steel Flange & Black PVC Handle Plug to a McAlpine Flexible Connector with Universal & Plain Spigot.

Polypipe, one of the largest manufacturers of drainage systems in the UK and Europe, produce robust, reliable residential waste piping for homeowners, self-build projects and building developments.

Plumbing accessories

Useful plumbing accessories include steel wool, flux, tape,and cements.

Give us a call on 01529 308839 or use our Turnbull online chat facility if you can't see what you want.  We delivery plumbing essentials within 20 miles of our branches.