Block paving slabs and setts for driveways

From concrete block paving to natural stone setts, our comprehensive range of block paving setts means you can create a beautiful driveway whatever your budget. We only supply high quality block driveway paving from leading UK manufacturers Marshalls and Stonemarket. Choose from traditional or contemporary driveway finishes. Our ranges include kerbs, decorative circles and co-ordinating driveway edging to complete your very own unique driveway design. Check out the nation’s best-selling, cost-effective blocks for driveways - Marshalls Driveline 50 Block Paving - or be tempted by premium natural stone products like Marshalls Fairstone Granite Setts for a luxurious entrance to your property.

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Our block paving recommendations

If you are looking for an attractive driveway that is both affordable and easy to install, we recommend Marshalls Drivesett Tegula Original Block Paving.  This versatile block has been tumbled for a softened, aged look and its range of warm colours will allow you to create a great bespoke driveway design.

Our budget block paving option is the Marshalls Standard Concrete Block Paving. Robust, practical blocks in six different colours means value for money and quality. This block paving's consistency and budget price means they're popular year on year with our customers.

For a contemporary driveway look and labour-saving speedy installation, consider Stonemarket Templeton Driveway Setts. Like Stonemarket’s NEXTpave garden paving range, Templeton Setts have been engineered to go straight onto a sharp sand sub-base. These replica stone driveway blocks come in five different sizes to allow you a range of bespoke laying patterns. They are excellent for garden paths too!

Sandstone Block Paving

You might not have realised that driveway block paving can be sourced in sandstone.  It’s a premium driveway surface option, and like Marshalls Indian sandstone paving, is robust, tough and very beautiful. Fairstone Split and Tumbled Stone Setts not only make luxury driveways, but can be mixed with sandstone slabs to create unique paving laying patterns.  They make great border stones for paths and patio areas, so even a single pack could bring a touch of real class and individuality to your hard landscape project.

Permeable block paving

Stonemarket and Marshalls offer permeable paving options in their bestseller ranges.  Check out Stonemarket Permeapave Permeable Driveway Block Paving. These blocks have been developed to allow rainwater to soak away, simplifying installation and drainage. It also means  you can avoid the hassle and expense of applying for planning permission.

Classic granite block paving

As well as contemporary designs, Turnbull can help you achieve a traditional look for your driveway. Stonemarket Granite Driveway Setts create a classic surface texture and provide a timeless style.

Quick driveway solutions

The Stonemarket Drivegrid Driveway Accessory is another alternative to driveway block paving or driveway paving stones. Requiring no planning permission, the Drivegrid is a must have if you are planning a gravel driveway. Its membrane backed plastic honeycomb cells will inhibit weed growth and stabilise the gravel, and keep it looking good!

We’re confident that you’ll find what you are looking for, but should you want to speak to an expert about your paving, we're always available to advise. Call us on 01529 308839.  Don't forget we offer free nationwide delivery if you order 4 packs or more.

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Get block paving with a 20 year guarantee

New generation driveway block paving

Whether you're a landscaper, installer or homeowner, we wanted to give you the heads up about this season's Marshalls and Stonemarket new driveway products. Some of their block paving ranges now have a Surface Performance Technology mark, making them an attractive option for anyone looking to install a domestic driveway.

What is Surface Performance Technology?

Block paving with the Marshalls SPT mark is not your standard block paving. So, what else do you get for your money?

Twenty year product guarantee

Have your driveway installed by a Marshalls registered Installer and you automatically get a 10 year guarantee on your driveway’s performance. Choose a SPT product, and that guarantee doubles to 20 years.  Not only is that real peace of mind for any consumer, but it's indicative of the confidence Marshalls has in its product and the expertise of its trained installers.

SPT Surface Performance Technology

Distinctive colour options

£269.65 Per Pack
£27.74 Per m2

Take a look at Marshalls Driveline Nova and you’ll see blocks with blended colour shades.  When laid, these create a harmonious colour palette for your driveway surface we think is very attractive.  You won’t get that expanse of single colour that can look quite dominating over large areas.  Nova comes in Pebble Grey, which blends silver and darker grey on every block, while Brindle is a mix of warm terracotta and plum-browns.

Premium textures

£294.90 Per Pack
£30.72 Per m2

All concrete block paving has a percentage of stone aggregate in its composition.  Blocks with the SPT mark are made with value-added aggregate, that’s carefully selected crushed natural stone to you and me, which adds character, strength and interesting surface texture to every block.  The look and visual appeal of Marshalls Drivesett Coppice, a block designed for traditional and period properties, comes from its quality base materials.

Wider range of block sizes

£306.96 Each
£31.98 Per m2

Some SPT mark driveway blocks come in a wider variety of sizes.  That means bespoke designs, and in the case of larger blocks, quicker installation and money saved on labour costs.  The larger block has been developed to create driveway surfaces with a contemporary vibe, and to complement renovated and new build properties. New in 2018, Stonemarket Medley Driveway Paviors, for example, come in five sizes, from a 160x160mm square to a larger than standard 240x320mm block.

Installing a new driveway is an important investment for any homeowner. You might like to read our blogs on installing block paving  or How to save money on block paving costs.

The Turnbull team have real expertise and experience when it comes to block paving for driveways. They sell to installers every day. Give them a call on 01529 308839 if you need advice or a quote.