High quality sandstone paving for patios

Sandstone paving has to be the ultimate choice for anyone who wants the beauty and quality of natural stone for their garden patio.  Paving slabs made from high quality sandstone come in warm, subtle colours with the faint glitter of naturally occurring quartz and beautiful veining.  But it's not all about looks!  Sandstone is a tough, moisture resistant, durable paving material.  All our Marshalls sandstone comes in 22mm calibrated thickness for essential strength and is covered by the Marshalls Stone Standard. Don't settle for anything thinner or without these technical specifications if you want to install a garden patio, path or high traffic area.  Our patio slabs come in single size packs and practical mixed project packs.  Take a look at Marshalls Indian Sandstone Paving for a great budget option.  Oh, and there are great sandstone walling and edging options as well as circle kits, so you can put together a complete bespoke look!

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Popular sandstone paving slabs

Our most popular line is Marshalls Indian Sandstone Paving, a slightly textured, warm, value for money product.  This also comes in a circle kit with two size options.  Another favourite is the Marshalls Fairstone Sawn Versuro Garden Paving range which is stylishly smooth and contemporary.  Versuro sandstone paving slabs come in three  sizes, a handy step-shaped slab, as well as walling stone and edging.

Looking for a premium sandstone circle kit to create a superb garden feature?  The Marshalls Fairstone Riven Harena range has a beautiful feature circle, as well as flexible project packs and edging.

Stonemarket Beachside Paving is a Chinese sandstone of equivalent quality to the Indian, very smooth, biscuity pale and on trend in 2017.  On the other hand, you might fall in love with Stonemarket Marketstone Riven Sandstone Garden Paving  - it's a lightly textured, hand-dressed slab in shades of Grey, Autumn and Sahara.

Quality, value and expertise from Turnbull

We pride ourselves in bringing you great paving at competitive prices and so we offer premium and standard sandstone to cater for all budgets.  Premium sandstone paving is hand-graded for colour consistency whereas our standard product is likely to have some colour variation. Both are high-quality sandstones meeting rigorous industry standards!  And Fairstone assured products are ethically sourced from well-managed quarries in India.

We’re confident that you’ll find the right product for your project on our site, but you can always ask an expert for advice if you’re unsure of your paving requirements. Give our paving team a call on 01529 308839 or check out our convenient web chat facility.

*Delivery is free on four packs or more - see our delivery terms for more information.

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Getting the look for less - patio ideas from Turnbull 

Introducing some exceptionally beautiful garden paving and some cheap patio slabs that’ll get you the look for less!

Here are ten of our favourite paving slabs - they’re all fab in our opinion, but we put together some less known premium and budget options from our Marshalls and Stonemarket ranges so you can see what might work for your garden.

Indian sandstone paving

From £1,092.40 Per Pack
From £80.92 Per m2

Our premium choice: Marshalls Fairstone Flamed Narias Garden Paving. These beautiful flamed sandstone garden slabs have been specially chosen for quality and colour. Each slab has a subtle hand flamed and lightly brushed surface finish, adding texture and a subtle character. The sawn straight edges give Narias a strong contemporary aesthetic. It’s cut from exceptionally dense and durable Kota Indian sandstone and is produced under the Marshalls Fairstone ethical sourcing agreement with Indian quarries.

Budget option: Marshalls Indian Sandstone paving comes in three natural colour blends and is a very cost-effective sandstone paving option. Like Narias, it’s dense and resistant to unsightly algae. Available in a 22mm calibrated option which greatly reduces your installation time.

Natural stone paving

£1,584.22 Per Pack
£88.01 Per m2

Premium choice: Marshalls Scoutmoor Sandstone Paving is very special as it’s one of the few UK quarried paving stones available, Scoutmoor is what we Brits traditionally refer to as Yorkstone, and is quarried from premium beautiful blue and grey sandstone. It’s a high quality, traditional garden paving slab, providing an elegant luxury finish. Smooth Diamond Sawn Scoutmoor creates a contemporary look, and Scoutmoor Rustic has a riven more traditional, reclaimed character.

Budget option: Stonemarket Yorkstone NEXTpave Garden Paving is concrete paving that has been developed to imitate natural English sandstone. It is made from reconstituted natural stone and each slab has a moulded base which allows it be installed directly on a sand screed bed. So you save money with Nextpave - it’s a manufactured slab that’s easy to lay. The colours echo real Yorkstone very successfully and it comes in a wide range of slab sizes for real flexibility in laying patterns, so it’s well worth a look.

Granite Patio Paving

£526.69 Per Pack
£68.84 Per m2

Premium choice: Marshalls Fairstone Sawn Granite Setts are new on the hardlandscaping market.  These setts have a lightly flamed texture which creates an excellent non-slip surface. The light granite has the silver sparkle we love about this stone; the dark option will give a path, drive or patio real gravitas. Combined they look amazing.

Budget option: Rio is a cool, stylish granite look paving from Stonemarket. These reconstituted stone slabs, made from crushed granite, have all the speckle and character of the natural stone which also give the slabs a great slip-resistant finish. They’ll give you a much more contemporary look than granite setts but with all the quality and durability of this traditional natural stone.

Natural Slate Paving

From £733.50 Per Pack
From £45.84 Per m2

Premium choice: The Stonemarket Nordus Natural Slate Paving Slab is a specially cut large format slate paving slab from Brazil and it’s very, very beautiful. Slabs come in stunning deep blue grey green-hued grey called Gris. They both look amazing in contemporary settings.

Budget option: our Marshalls Slate Natural Garden Paving has been selling like hot cakes all season and here’s why: it’s a very versatile, tough, high quality slate, and is fantastic value for money. Its rich, bold Midnight Blue colour makes it one of our most popular slates, especially as you can mix its three different size slabs to create a bespoke laying pattern. It has low water absorption which means less cleaning and maintenance too!

Marble paving for patios

£1,102.55 Per Pack
£89.50 Per m2

Premium choice: Marshalls Marble Lazaro Garden Paving. Yes, you can buy real marble patio paving in two luscious colours, Pearl and Shell, for the ultimate in luxury and elegance. If you have fallen in love with the pale beauty of a Mediterranean terrace on holiday, then Lazaro Marble will recreate this very sophisticated look for you!

Budget option: Marshalls Symphony Vitrified Paving in Ivory. Not strictly marble of course, but choose Symphony in its palest colour and you’ll give friends the impression that you’ve laid a luxury marble patio. The smart decision has been to use vitrified paving - super strong, resistant to mould and algae and easy to maintain. Beauty without the bother!

If you are planning your dream garden makeover this season, you’ll be spending some time selecting your garden paving. Looks, colour ranges and textures, as well as durability, really matter, don’t they? A unique paving slab is a great way to bring quality and individuality to your garden design. And like every other design decision we make for our homes, we want something that suits both our budget and personal style.

There’s nothing worse than paying for labour, upheaval, and site preparation to be disappointed at the final installation because  the slabs don’t quite have the finish or shade you want. Don’t forget, chat to our paving team for advice on all theses products, and quotes for your particular project.

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