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Great garden walling choices

You’ll find everything you need to create the perfect garden wall in our selection of high quality Marshalls and Stonemarket garden walling.  We have easy to install, cost-effective walling made from reconstituted stone; Marshalls Croft Stone Garden Walling is ideal for defining outdoor spaces and bringing structure to your garden.  Natural stone walling comes in in a range of beautiful Indian sandstone colours and finishes.  Choose from walling stone for load-bearing or retaining walls or from walling designed for low level installation.  Our walling products complement our range of paving for patios, steps and garden paths.  We even have walling stone veneer if you want to update the finish of an existing wall and avoid any new construction!  Matching coping stones are available to complete your design and to protect your wall from build up of unsightly algae.


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Walling stone best sellers

Our Marshalls Drivesett Tegula Garden Walling is very popular - it’s easy to install and comes in a range of convenient sizes and soft natural colours.  You can put a smart finish to your wall  with Marshalls Drivesett Tegula Coping Stones, too.

To create a natural dry stone wall, Marshalls Fairstone Tumbled Sandstone Garden Walling is a great option. Made from high quality sandstone, these ethically sourced walling blocks come in carefully selected warm, rustic Autumn Bronze or cool, contemporary Silver Birch.

Garden wall short cuts for you

If you’ve never considered veneer walling stone, now’s the time to check out our gorgeous Marshalls Stoneface Drystack Veneer Walling.  Within hours you will have transformed your old garden wall into one with a real natural stone finish.  Adhesives and primers are included in the pack price for this stylish, contemporary walling option. What's more, stone veneers can be used to create interior feature walls with a real wow factor.

Want to have a go yourself?  Worth considering is Marshalls Croft Stone Garden Walling which is an attractively textured, easy build walling material and ideal for diy-ers.  You don’t need mortar for this walling product.  It’s ideal for making raised beds or low level walls up to 600mm high.

We’re confident that you’ll find the right product for your project on our site, but you can always ask our friendly team for advice or for more detail about our products by simply calling 01529 308839 or by using our convenient  web chat facility.

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Get creative with your garden fencing

What to do with garden fence panels: ideas from the Turnbull team

Installing fence panels is a quick way to make your garden design much more interesting and flexible, instantly creating sheltered veggie patches, secret gardens, family play areas or a quiet area for a garden office. Grange Professional Lap Fence Panels and screens are great for security and privacy whereas their very pretty Grange Elite Palisades Panel create low picket fencing to zone off smaller sections without blocking sight lines or creating shade.

But hey, there’s no reason why you have to settle for the plain and practical when it comes to fence installation. Consider a new fence an opportunity to put some individuality and fun into your garden. Here are some of the most popular ideas talked about by our customers and landscape teams.

Create mystery with a garden mirror

We loved the displays of garden mirrors at last year’s Landscape Show. Framed as windows or gothic arches, garden mirrors create visual focus and a very special dimension to a plain garden fence. These clever designs fool the eye into thinking you’ve acres beyond your boundaries, and so are ideal for small gardens or patio areas where you want to create an illusion of space.

Of course, don’t forget illuminating a fence or dividing garden screen at night with solar powered fairy lights can help create a fabulous garden landscape.  LED wireless weatherproof solar lights are best.  A section of trellis woven with a string of coloured lights looks really eye-catching.  Pairs of lamps for gate posts do a great job of welcoming evening visitors into your garden, as well as providing elegant decorative detail in the daytime.

Add texture with trellis and plant screening

Attach a trellis panel or screen rolls made from willow, brushwood, heather or bamboo and you’ve got instant natural textural variety that makes a plain old fence warm and interesting. Screen rolls are easily attached to fence panels and as easily replaced if they get tatty or you want a change in look.  Alternate with a trellis panel for a climber if you want to introduce some soft green foliage.  You can even buy artificial hedge matting if you want permanent ivy or box cladding for a section of fencing.  Your green-fingered experts probably won’t approve, but it’s a great solution if you want a maintenance-free green garden fence.

Paint yourself a garden fence mural

Of course you can paint a garden fence all kinds of cheerful colours to bring zing to your garden.  And funnily enough, the best colour to paint a fence you don’t want to stand out, is black.  But how about a garden mural?  Our lovely friends at Delux have great advice on how to paint a garden mural and this advice sheet for schools might be just what you need to help you get going on a garden mural project with your kids!  Why not give it a go? You might end up with a fantastic and unique garden feature (or if not, it’s easily painted over!)

Install some fence art

A row of brightly coloured planters or hanging baskets make any fence look lovely, and a collection of bird boxes will delight and help your resident garden birds (by the way, birds are not colour-blind and particularly like blues and greens). But for a truly funky garden fence, trawl your car boot sale and charity shops for objects to upcycle as fence art. Picture frames, china plates, old baskets - catch the eye with an arrangement that will add humour and interest to a run of fencing.

Something completely different: Decodesk garden lattices

Our local Turnbull branches stock very special architectural lattices made from aluminium, expanded PVC or stainless steel. You can order a decorative fence panel in some amazing surface patterns and textures. They come finished in matt or gloss polyurethane based paints, including gold, silver, copper and even a rusty iron finish. The lattice panels can be attached to pergolas and gazebos as well as forming stand-alone fencing. Even one bespoke panel in your chosen design and colour will create a very unique feature within a fence installation.

Our garden team are very happy to help with any questions you might have about your garden fencing project. They can sort out quotes and delivery logistics for you. Why not give them a call for practical, helpful, no-fuss advice on 01529 308839 or use our web chat facility.

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