Plumbing tools and spares

Our range of plumbing spares and tools are suitable for both the DIY plumbing fix and the professional plumber. We stock reliable, high quality tools to complete any basic plumbing job.

Our extensive range of parts include valves, washers, clips and hoses. You can also buy those essential plumbing accessories such as steel wool, flux, tape and grease.

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Plumbing tools

We stock quality plumbing tools by Rothenburger who provide a range of robust, essential tools for professional plumbers and the DIY plumber: pipe slices, flex brushes pipe cutters, solder and brazing torches.

Plumbing spares

Kwik Pak supply our comprehensive range of plumbing spares and parts to sort any plumbing problem.  We’ve got clips, rubber and fibre washers as well as O rings for repairing kitchen and bathroom taps and showers, as well as toilet cistern ball valves. Kwik Pak also make handy replacement toilet seat hinges and basin plugs.

We have a wide range of high quality Altecnic plumbing valves: radiator valves, pressure-reducing valves, thermostat reducing valves, fire valves, safety relief valves - all compliant with UK heating systems.

Plumbing accessories

Useful plumbing accessories include steel wool, flux, tape, lube and grease.

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