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Plumbing essentials and parts

Our range of plumbing spares and tools are suitable for both the professional plumber and the DIYer looking for a straightforward plumbing fix. We stock reliable, high quality parts and tools to complete any basic plumbing job.

Our extensive range of trusted MacAlpine connectors, traps and waste fittings are essential  for plumbing in sinks, baths and showers.  Find the quick, easy Polypipe Pushfit and flexible ring seal Polypipe above ground drainage systems including tees, bends and straights, as well as seals, cements, clips, waste connectors and reducers.

We also have copper piping and essential coupling parts like the Turnbull 15mm Equal Tee Coupling  for your everyday plumbing needs.  Plus everything for soldering from 500g reels of Lawtons Solder to gas cylinders, tapes, pastes and steel wool.

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Turnbull for your plumbing needs

We are stockists of quality UK-made McAlpine plumbing parts - plastic fittings, traps, WC connectors, wet room products, overflow and waste outlet fittings.  Everything from a 1½" Centre Pin Sink Waste with 70mm Stainless Steel Flange & Black PVC Handle Plug to a McAlpine Flexible Connector with Universal & Plain Spigot.

MacAlpine products are used by qualified professional plumbers and chosen as reliable plumbing solutions for all kinds of installations.  Their parts come with a 10 year guarantee if they’re installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Plumbing accessories

Find essential plumbing tools and accessories including pliers and gas cylinder refills.  The Rothenberger Copper Tube Cutter is a handy single action, one handed cutter ideal for confined spaces. It’ll give you a clean, square cut in one or two turns and comes in 15mm or 22mm sizes.  We also stock the disposable Rothenberger Propane Gas Refill Cylinder which is ideal for Jet Torch, Quick fire, Super Fire 2 and Micro Fire soldering torches.

Useful plumbing accessories include steel wool, flux, tape,and cements by Fernox, Lawton and La-Co as well as Turnbull own brand products at trade prices to finish the job.

Give us a call on 01529 308839 or use our Turnbull online chat facility if you can't see what you want.  We delivery plumbing essentials within 20 miles of our branches.

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Boiler Care Explained

Boiler Care explained by the Turnbull team

Our top three tips to all our customers:

  1. Make sure you get an annual service to keep your boiler running efficiently and safely. It means it will last longer too.
  2. Cut the cost of expensive repairs and parts by buying a reliable brand to start with.
  3. Boiler Servicing contracts are a good idea if you want complete peace of mind, but do shop around to get a comparison and value for money.

What's included in a Boiler Service?

In about 30-45 minutes, expect an engineer to:

  • Check the controls are working correctly
  • Take the cover off to inspect the internal boiler components and clean off any deposits if necessary
  • Check the gas and pressure flow
  • Measure the flue and combustion emissions
  • Make sure all seals are sound
  • Check the boiler’s safety devices
  • Inspect water and gas pipework for corrosion or leaks
  • Check the boiler’s electrical connections

After the service, your engineer will replace the cover and give you a written report of the service and any required action.

Use a qualified Gas Safe engineer

By law, any engineer working on a gas boiler must be registered with the Gas Safe Register.  You can check whether an engineer is registered or find out about available qualified engineers in your postcode area.  Gas Safe is the official gas registration body which replaced CORGI in 2009.  All Gas Safe registered engineers carry a Gas Safe ID card.  It’ll show the engineer's photo and their licence number, as well as confirming that their qualifications are up to date.

Online heating supplies available from Turnbull

We offer our online customers a choice of  selected reliable, efficient Ideal and Intergas condensing boilers or Worcester system boilers.  Popular with heating engineers, these are compact, easily installed boilers with A-Rated efficiency.  We also sell valves, thermostats, hoses and manifolds, radiators plus replacement pumps by Grundfos.  Our Turnbull Lightside branches specialise in boiler repair parts and spares, supporting heating engineers who provide essential boiler system maintenance and breakdown repair for customers in our Turnbull network areas.  Our branch staff have extensive product knowledge and are up to speed with new product development from leading suppliers.

Recommended products for radiator and boiler care

£119.94 Each
Price Includes VAT

Your engineer may use a fast- acting cleaner to flush out any deposits in a heating system. Black iron oxide deposits are a major cause of heating breakdowns.  A product like ADEY MagnaCleanse removes these deposits and  gives your heating system some ongoing protection.  It’s a product engineers like to use - it’s quick, requires a drain down only at the end of the process and can be done while hot water is in the system. I t guarantees future boiler efficiency and performance.

For peace of mind, your engineer might also suggest fitting a filter to trap any circulating debris in your heating system.  The Adey Magnaclean Magnetic Pro2  has a large filter capacity to remove volumes of black iron oxide sludge and scale.  It removes greater volumes of debris and is ideal for houses with bigger heating systems and lots of radiators.  It’ll improve your heating system’s efficiency and fuel consumption, and so has great green credentials too.

Do I need Boiler Servicing and Breakdown Cover?

When looking at providers for Boiler Cover, check out how easy it is to arrange an annual service. Is the provider easy to get hold of when something’s gone wrong and can they get an engineer to you quickly?  You’ll pay an average of £250 a year for boiler service and breakdown cover, and more expensive policies also cover central heating pipes and taps, your internal pipework, internal and external drainage, as well as gas and water supply pipes to your property.  Some homeowners prefer to put aside funds for any repairs and pay as and when needed.

Just had a new heating system and boiler fitted?

Did you know you can actually nominate your property for a free independent inspection?  It’s offered by the Gas Safe Register and it helps them monitor whether Gas Safe registered businesses are up to date with industry standards and manufacturer's instructions.  So if you’ve had gas work done within the last six months you can apply on line. Just a proviso - they don’t guarantee they’ll inspect everyone.  Gas Safe are also a valuable resource if you have safety concerns over any installation work you’ve had done.

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